Using tile in a mobile home

by Shirley
Has anyone tiled around the bathtub in a mobile home? I am reading that it is not a good idea because the home moves and the tile will crack. Would like to hear if this has worked for you or if you tried it and it didn't work.
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  • If you are going to tile any home, you need to have a good foundation and durock/cement board for the tile to adhere. This may be too heavy with tile on for your walls in the mobile home. If the home moves, then as you suspect, the mortar will crack just as drywall does in a home that settles. You could take a chance and reinforce the walls, put up the cement board, tile and see but that is expensive. If you are only doing a small place it may not crack if your home does not constantly shake/move. good luck on your bathroom.
  • If the home is set up on blocks and doesn't move when you walk on the floor, I think you might be able to put down tile over cement board. That will raise the floor an inch or so overall, so that might not be ideal. - John Rigdon - The Computer Doctor - Flat Rate Repair $45.00 - Call me. 678 739-9177
  • Core Plumbing San Diego Core Plumbing San Diego on May 11, 2014
    We built a custom shower and bathroom for a gentleman that weighs 500 lbs. Haven't had any problems and it has been about four years now.
  • Scott Scott on Mar 30, 2015
    I have worked on my dreams for the past 15 years once the modular is said nothing is going to move my dresser structurally sound all except for the two by two interior and exterior walls if that has to buy to normally outside side walls of 2 by 3 but getting back to the question with your tile tiles not going to move especially on a good foundation you've already had some good help go ahead with your project you won't have any problems just don't move the home to another location then you might have a problem