What can i do to change old yellow in color not age bathroom tile

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  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 06, 2018
    Is it dirty, or are they plastic tiles that have yellowed with age. If its just dirty, I use Dollar Tree Awesome Orange and it usually gets everything off including old cigarette smoke. If the are aged plastic, there is no way to make them unyellow, its the plastic breaking down.

  • Geew Geew on Apr 06, 2018
    When we purchased our 1955 home on the water in FL, the bathrooms came in the old tile I think you are referring to. The tile was in great shape, however the master bedroom bath had pink tile with a lighter pink border (My least favorite color in the universe!)
    Since we were putting our funds towards the main areas of the house first, I wanted to see how I could diffuse the pink effect of that dreaded color.
    I played around with many paint swatches from the hardware store and found that a rust color on the walls made the light pink border appear
    kind of light tan-ish and the darker pink seemed to evolve into a pleasing orangish tone!
    I bought new towels to promote the new color blends as well as getting a multicolored shower curtain with various colors EXCLUDING pink in it.
    The bathroom didn't bother me for years until we could remodel it.
    Maybe that will help you a little bit.

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 06, 2018
    Paint the tile.

  • Jenn Jenn on Apr 06, 2018
    I used a lavendar ans i have grown to love the original yellow tile. I even have a yellow toilet but thd lavendar has a little shimmer too it so it looks silver sometimes. If your bathroom is covered with yellow tile i will tell you id was very expensive to install. If it is not in bad condition find a paint color change some hard ware and learn to love it. Do not paint the tile especially the tub if there is one. Even professional jobs do not always last. Also if you don’t like your floor go get some bath rugs and cover it up accessories go along way. And aside from my yellow bathroom i also have a peach (not pink i would take pink any day) bathroom to deal with first before i can even begin to worry aboht the yellow. Do you have pictures.

  • Janice Janice on Apr 06, 2018
    You can actually paint over it if you want. Good luck on your redo! https://www.todayshomeowner.com/how-to-paint-over-ceramic-tile-in-a-bathroom/

  • Sue Braun Sue Braun on Apr 07, 2018
    I have a blue tub that I hated for years. When it was time to replace the blue toilet, we installed a white one. The sink top is white marble with a little blue swirl in it. We replaced the blue floor with white tile and gray grout-DIY. I purchased a shower curtain in brown, sage and beige and it softened the blue. We painted the walls brown. Now I don't mind it at all. Look for some way to work with the color to make it less noticeable.