Need creative ideas for beautifying front yard

recently cut bushes but 3 big stubborn roots make the soil not ideal for planting flowers & plants. How can I add some flowers and/or vine roses without planting on this area? On a very tight budget.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 02, 2018
    container plant different flowers, perennials and shrubs

  • Tony Ive Tony Ive on Jun 03, 2018
    Here's where I would burn those roots out. You have a situation that will not improve without some, on the face of it, drastic effort. You need to clear the area of any loose detritus that might catch light. I can't see just how big those stumps are, no problem. You need to split the stumps, I would suggest a "log grenade". All this is is a heavy, shaped lump of steel that is used to split logs lengthways with the grain. Generally three or four wacks with a lump hammer or the back of an axe will split a log into four sections. You only want to split the stump so that you can introduce some sort of accellerant into a dry stump, only a dribble, just enough to sustain an initial burn. Before you put in the accellerant, force the splits open and wedge them open with a piece of scrap wood about 1" round or square. This forms a chimney which will keep the stump smouldering for two or three days. Don't try and do this in wet or windy weather, you'll be wasteing your time. Start the burn as early as possible and make sure someone reliable is in control just in case. Be especially careful if the wind picks up during the day, it could create a much more robust fire. By the mid afternoon or earlier, any fierce burning will have stopped. Your stump will be smouldering away for perhaps two days, even the roots can get consumed by the heat generated. Once you are happy the fire is finished you can dig your soil over knowing that lots of potash has been returned to the soil, your stumps have disappeared without a great deal of effort.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 03, 2018
    Wow, that sounds dangerous, but go for ir if your up to a major challenge since those other bushes are so close. I would start with a massive pruning of the bushes on the opposite side because that looks like a walkway and yet who can use it? So do something with those to make everything nice and clean and use able. On the side you asked for help I see what appear like three stumps. Why you didn't have them ground down and the wood removed is beyond me,it could be a sewer pipe issue like I have where they wouldn't touch certain roots because of fear of damaging pipes. But even with that,why can't you plant their. I would want somethingtall to hide them at least daylilies,shalt daisies or cone flowers or all three since they are tall, and spread and would eventually take over so you don't need to purchase many the first year. But even with that I would add additional paver so that you can walk there. Unfortunately planters regardless of whether on the ground or hanging from shepherd hooks won't do anything to help camouflage those roots. In fact it would draw the eye to that area that is ,well you know,unsightly. If you can have them ground up just pay a tree removal company to do it if not then why not add paver to widen the walkway them make that area into a berm and then plant in the dirt that you add to the berm and bury those stumps. Just make sure to add some sort of retainer in front so that it doesn't spill out onto lawn. It's not very wide the area that you cleared out so you could widen it onto the lawn area a little just to shape it and make it look intentional. Then the bushes behind could add as a back drop if you keep plants 12" or lower. Top with mulch and from the street will hide walkway add interest and color. Good luck.

  • Ja Ka Smith Ja Ka Smith on Jun 03, 2018
    How about a simple rock garden (maybe using pea pebbles or small river rocks), with container plants and flowers. Have someone to cut down th roots as low as possible, using smaller containers around the roots to cover them.

  • Dee Simmons Dee Simmons on Jun 03, 2018
    Not sure if you are hoping the bushes will grow back in the area or not. There are gorgeous planters you can purchase and plant something in them and use the planters to hide the roots. If you are wanting to get rid of the bushed completely have someone cut the roots down even with the ground. You can try pouring boiling water or vinegar on them to kill them. In the mean time use planters in the area and then either mulch or stone the area. Once the roots are dead you should be able to dig them up easily. Then you will be able to plant in the soil around them.I always try to use perennials native to my area.

  • Sparkles Sparkles on Jun 04, 2018
    What kind of bushes did you cut down? Can you dig out the roots? pour boiling salt water on them or pour rock salt on them if you can not dig. we had some bushes we could not dig so wrapped a chain around them close to the ground and pulled them out with a truck. be careful if using this method.