I got present of Wisteria. Claiming variety.

What I would like to know if it is garden hardy. It's in pot at moment in cold glass house. Leaves have now just finished. L

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  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Jan 07, 2018
    Jacky, here is a couple of different websites for you to check.

    Hope this gives you some good info for you.

  • Karen Tokarse Karen Tokarse on Jan 07, 2018
    Wisteria is very invasive. (Ask me how I know.) If you plant it, you must keep it under control. A friend of mine trained hers into a beautiful wisteria tree, but even then she had to keep it under control.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 07, 2018
    There are many varieties of Wisteria.Was there instructions that came with it?

  • Cathy Dillon Cathy Dillon on Jan 07, 2018
    My wisteria is WELL ESTABLISHED in CT where we left the pot because we couldn't decide. My friend's wisteria also CT- grows on a patio/ veranda "open roof" made of substantial lumber which looks just about as sturdy as if you had been planning a real roof. Her outdoor area is at least 10x10; and probably about 8' tall. Her wisteria is not allowed to reach her actual house.
    I wish we had decided and invested in the structure that a wisteria needs to get that "house beautiful" or "spanish courtyard" look. It certainly seemed a risky idea with such a small ( two gallon pot?) plant. After a couple of years there was no way I was going to dig it out. The roots grew right out the bottom without a problem.
    I Think: In my case, a large "car port" would have been appropriate. You need to allow about an extra foot for the vines/ leaves/ flowers on the 'inside' in addition to the inside space you would want to occupy. If you wanted a 10x10 space your wisteria structure should be 11x11. The "ready made" options are/ were not really sufficient, They are too short, too narrow, too flimsy and not intended for wisteria. The vines can definitely pull up garden stakes and bend a wire fence, and climb easily into an apple tree. The runners regularly reach 6,8,10, feet sometimes up into the tree ; sometimes across the gravel path... and then they can also root. As the runners age, they sort of thicken and "shrink" tighter onto the supports.
    If you have the space you might start to outline the area you intend to eventually allow the wisteria to occupy and try to train it so you have one "leg" of the intended structure in place.
    What we have ended up with is sort of the idea of a wisteria "tree"/ fence which we created using the 3-4-5' tall wire fencing as trellis. It is not really satisfactory.
    Yes definitely cold hardy. Ours was in the yard in it's pot with zero special care.

  • Jacky Wallace Jacky Wallace on Jan 07, 2018
    lots of great helpful ideas. Thanks all.