I need ideas for planting flowers to attract hummingbirds small space

i don’t have a large back yard; slightly bigger front yard. Really need ideas for planting flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies

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  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Apr 09, 2018
    Brightly-colored flowers that are tubular hold the most nectar, and are particularly attractive to hummingbirds. These include perennials such as bee balms,columbines, daylilies, and lupines; biennials such as foxgloves and hollyhocks; and many annuals, including cleomes, impatiens, and petunias. They really like reds and pinks.

  • Gk Gk on Apr 09, 2018
    Do you have a place to hang baskets? Humming birds are always attacted to the flowers in my hanging baskets and the potted plants on my deck. I hang fushcias in shaded areas. The also enjoy million bells. I have mini lilac bush that attracts butterflies like crazy--it is smaller than a regular lilac bush, grows faster, and produces flowers like crazy. A good shrub for a corner of a yard.

  • G Collins G Collins on Apr 09, 2018
    Buddleia, commonly known as a Butterfly Bush, will attract butterflies. Some say it can be invasive, but I used three at the back of our yard and none seemed to "take over". They did grow quickly.

  • John jordan John jordan on Apr 09, 2018
    the way we attract hummingbirds we have a hummingbirds feeder and fill it up with very sweet red cool aid and they come and get it out of the feeder we go out and sit on the porch and see them

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Apr 09, 2018
    Trumpet vine

  • Nancy Nancy on Apr 09, 2018
    I, too, use hummingbird feeders. I make sugar water by boiling as much water as the feeder will hold...minus a little to allow for the sugar. I add a cup of sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Let cool and fill the feeder. Note: wash the feeder out to begin with and each time before refilling. The feeder will get black mildew especially in hot weather. If this happens, add a little hot water, a teaspoon of Bleach and a teaspoon of rice. Shake like crazy. The rice is abrasive and will act like a brush to help remove the mildew. The bleach disinfects it. Rinse well! I do this every 4-5 days all summer. Those little cutie birds will actually come to the glass exterior door to let me know the feeder is empty.