My clematis bloomed and the petals have fallen i pull the buds

by Kathleen
  6 answers
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 15, 2018

    no let them naturally fall off

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jun 15, 2018

    you can let tehm die off or cut them. either way is OK.

  • Helen Helen on Jun 15, 2018

    Is there a reason for it to loose leaves? That is unusual? There is a decease called wilt that will effect your plant, if this is the case cut the infected stem all the way down to the root and hope your other parts don’t get infected. You will need prune your plant by July anyway. If there is a chance it has the wilt infection don’t plant another plant in the same area

  • Bev Gastinger Bev Gastinger on Jun 15, 2018

    No leave them on that is what produces the seeds. There are 2 different types of clematis. One you do not cut back just let leaves dry and fall off this old wood is what produces the flowers the next season, the other you can trim back and let vine grow back in spring. If you don't know which type I recommend just leaving it alone until you find out.

  • Pat Pat on Jun 15, 2018

    Some buds are attractive..I would just leave them. Here in the Midwest we cut back our clematis in March.

  • Pat Pat on Jun 16, 2018

    Leave the buds on....some of them are quite attractive and add to the plant's looks. Here in the midwest we trim our clematis in March....about 18 inches from the ground. As I write this, my purple clematis is beautiful and blooming.