What is the best way to care for an orchid plant?


I have two and the lowers are gone but it’s still alive.

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  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 24, 2018

    A site devoted to orchid care: http://www.aos.org/orchids/orchid-care.aspx

  • MCH MCH on Oct 24, 2018

    Cut flower stem down, water with one ounce of water per week, keep in indirect light and wait for a new flower stalk to grow. Might take a few months.

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Oct 24, 2018

    Alo, the usual problem with sad-looking orchids, and many other potted plants, is over-watering. They usually need watering every couple of days to couple of weeks. This leaves you wondering when your orchids need water? Well, the old-fashioned way is best. Just dip your finger in the potting soil then, when you rub it against your other fingers, you will be able to tell if it is still wet. Here's an article that tells you all about using the proper soil, humididty and propagation too.


  • Linda Dugas Linda Dugas on Oct 25, 2018

    First off I have had a couple of Orchids. I love them, they are so delicate and beautiful. It took some researching to understand that just because the flowers bloom then die off , the plant itself is still alive. I found info about potting my orchids in a special "Orchid" potting mix, of a bunch of wood and other ingredients that I don't know what. I went to our local Lowe's hardware and spoke to a man in the garden center and he told me that I should also get a special "Orchid" pot so that the roots can push through and out the holes in the pot. They actually do find their way out the holes in the pot. As for feeding, I bought some "Orchid Food" and followed the directions for providing the plant with what it needs to remain healthy. I also water the plant weekly with 1-3 ice cubes. This is the latest tip on how to not over-water. I feel the Potting mix and if it is very dry I place maybe 2 ice cubes on the surface of the soil mix. This seems to work well for me. My plant is on my kitchen windowsill and it gets daily indirect sunlight. Right now I have 4 buds that are going to be opening soon. I will try to get back here to post a picture when they open. Good luck with growing your Orchids. :)

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 25, 2018

    Orchids are really an easy to care for plant. They just need indirect light from perhaps a southern window (direct light will sunburn the leaves). The easiest way to care for them is to use the orchid bark mix in a double pot system, or an orchid pot with holes in the sides (I got mine at home depot for ten dollars). If you have a two pot system, the inner one is for the plant and orchid bark mix and drains well, the out is a non draining decorative pot. I have both right now. The orchid pot you put in a deep enough basin to cover with water to the level of the mix. Let it soak in the TEPID water for about ten minutes for the wood to soak up water, then take it out and let it drain well in the sink. That should give it enough humidity to keep it for at least seven to ten days, then repeat. For the two pot system, you leave then together and fill the decorative pot with TEPID water and again let it soak for about ten minutes. Take the inner pot out and put it in the sink to drain and dump the water out of the decorative pot. I use Miracle grow orchid fertilizer that comes in a spray bottle and just follow the directions. Orchid like to be rootbound so repotting takes place only every couple of years unless you see the wood in the mix breaking down. We had an orchid that didn't flower this year when all the others did, I noticed the wood was looking smaller, we repotted it in new mix and immediately started putting out a flower stalk. Problem easily fixed! Enjoy your orchid! I don't cut off the flower stalk unless it dries up. I have had new flowers come off that stalk before, so if it stays green, I leave it alone. Most orchids flower maybe twice a year, so be patient!