Why do my roses have holes in their leaves?

I tried that soapy stuff but it's not working.
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  • Linda Lou McCabe Linda Lou McCabe on Jun 20, 2016
    Use Rose Care granules, they also feed the plant as well as taking care of the insects eating your foliage, however it wont change the leaves that already have holes in them,hope this helps

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 20, 2016

  • Mary Coakley Mary Coakley on Jun 25, 2016
    There is something eating them,you need to check with the garden centre,the soapy stuff you mention is only for aphids green or black things that attack the buds.Snails put holes in leaves but they cannot get up to roses,sorry cannot help with the holes in your leaves.

  • Carol Skaggs Carol Skaggs on Jun 25, 2016
    It could be grasshoppers. Ask your garden center what to use for them.

  • The Pampered Chef The Pampered Chef on Jun 25, 2016
    Plant marigolds around them...bugs hate them. I have tried this and it works!

  • Phyllis Wilson Phyllis Wilson on Jun 25, 2016
    I have that problem. It's a shiny black bug that looks kind of like a beetle.

  • Cathy Cathy on Jun 25, 2016
    Do you see bugs? It is about the time of year that Japanese Beetles make their appearance. They're the beetle that develops from the grubs in your lawn. They aren't tiny, so they're hard to miss. I would go to a garden supply store and find something to sprinkle on your roses. The good news is, if Japanese Beetles are the problem, that they're only around for a couple of weeks.

  • Patte Wills Patte Wills on Jun 25, 2016
    Sometimes it's leaf cutter/mason bees. They cut out roundish sections of leaves for their nests. An excellent pollinator. Is not eating the leaves or harming plant. Damage is cosmetic only.