Do you ever find a plant that you cannot grow because of your climate?

I live in Canada and in a northern growing zone since 1990. zone 2 or 3 - where winters can hit -50 degrees Fahrenheit ( zone 2).
I have been a greenhouse grower and perennial farmer for a long time... and...
I have no trouble having beautiful gardens and always thought about what I could not grow, until my sister moved to California - when she planted tulips and they bloomed beautifully once and never came back, as did her daffodils and her prairie crocus - NOPE never even emerged.

Question: Do you ever find a plant that you cannot grow because of your warm climate?
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  • Shoshana Hoffman Shoshana Hoffman on Mar 02, 2017
    I love the innovation of greenhouses! Being able to control your climate in an eco-friendly way? Yes please. I was working on a farm last year in super hot climate that reached over 100 degrees at times and did not get the best rain fall. So instead of giving up on trying to grow cucumbers we grew them in greenhouses. They grew tall and delicious!

    • Teresa Teresa on Mar 02, 2017
      The weird part about this part of Canada is that summer days can be over +100F and winter days under-45. Plus in the summer is is daylight from 3:30 am to 11 pm..It is often why even with a short growing season we can grow things ( annuals)

  • Bonsai and orchids come to my house to die, so if I ever receive one, I immediately give away to those that can grow then so they can flourish. Boston ferns do not do well here, just too darn hot and dry. Depending upon where your sister lives in CA it could be squirrels. They LOVE any bulbs. I was so excited to plant some but the squirrels got to them first . . . Even though I spend money on peanuts to feed them!

  • Teresa Teresa on Mar 02, 2017
    Just once I want to be able to grow Wisteria and magnolia - but it will NEVER happen here! They don't particularly like -40 and a wind chill to -50

  • Teresa Teresa on Mar 03, 2017
    Thank you Kate, My brother lived in Victoria for years and moved in 2013 to Ontario. he realizes again how much he dislikes winter. And unfortunately my sister passed away in 2013. But your thoughtful ness is appreciated..

  • F H Young F H Young on Mar 03, 2017
    I also live in Canada have lived in the same place since 1979. We can't grow plants unless they are zone 2 or zone 3. A friend's garden is always well ahead of our garden. He shared his secret with us, he uses heating tape in his garden. It thaws the soil and allows him to plant sooner than the rest of us. We tried planting when he did but nothing grew. Now that we know how to warm the soil we also start our garden sooner. Use a timer to provide the plants with the extra light they need to grow, is especially useful for sun loving plants like tomatoes.