Can lilac bushes be grown under pine trees?

by Jade
  5 answers
  • Margolynluvsu Margolynluvsu on May 24, 2017

    Yes, if they have a lot of sun.

  • Dolores D'Herde Dolores D'Herde on May 24, 2017

    I grew a white lilac between two cottonwoods (very leafy trees), it has alot of shade, so be careful not to over water them if there is too much shade as they can get white mold on the leaves. Mine is established now and I hardly have to water it as its gotten its roots in.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 24, 2017

    Providing the are gets full sun they should be fine.

  • Esk23290544 Esk23290544 on May 24, 2017

    Lilacs can grow in a range of full sun to partial shade, however, they will not flower in acidic soil. Acidic soil is typically what exist under pine trees. You will need to adjust the pH with lime

  • Brenda Brenda on May 24, 2017

    I would caution as they need full sun.