Can my 6yr old oak leaf hydrangea go from partial shade to full sun?

I am afraid I will loose my oak leaf hydrangea. It is doing great with partial shade from our tree. We need to cut down the tree because it is splitting. My husband is afraid it will fall on our house. The hydrangea is too big and established to transplant. Any suggestions?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 25, 2017
    No Hydrangeas will burn in full sun.If the tree must come down you can try to shade it with a umbrella or shade sail of sort.

  • Richardstarling Richardstarling on Apr 28, 2017
    My Oak Leaf Hydrangea had to much sun and I lost it because they need shade in Florida. I have other hydrangeas in the shade with well drained soil that I have to prune every year because they get so big. There is a website for Oak Leaf Hydrangeas pertaining to the different zones (www.thespruce.comsummer-blooming-oakleaf. Example: Zone 5 they don't need as much shade.

    • Karen Merritt3 Karen Merritt3 on Apr 28, 2017
      Thank you Richard for your info. I will get on that web site today. They cut the tree down yesterday. Luckily we are suppose to get rain for the next three days.