Can you replant wild violas indoors?

by Hus4912094
I have tons of little wild violas growing in my yard and would love to replant them for indoor use. Is this possible knowing they grow in the yard?
  2 answers
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 18, 2016
    Honestly you can do is try, however not so sure you will have success as they are truly an outdoor annual. The worse senerio they will not take indoors.Even the most experience gardeners that actually have had first hand experience may not have had luck. I will state actual gardeners...
  • I love wild violets but they will only bloom in the spring time and then they are just green. If left alone, wild violets will take over an area in a short amount of time. come about June or so the wild violet produces buds which are actually cleistogamous flowers which will produce thousands of seeds. With that being said, the wild violet, in my opinion, would not make a very good houseplant, and there are many options you could use that are easy to grow and could give you blooms (like Begonias and even Impatiens which will bloom in a fairly sunny window or room). Even though these are annuals and sold in garden centers every spring, you can pot these up as houseplants for years of enjoyment. I love all things green and beautiful but sometimes there are plants better left outside.