Can you trim OFF the bottom branches of a hemlock and cypress tree?

by Pauliegirl1
They are a minimum of 18 years old, very very tall. Some of under brush looks grey-ish, all sorts of dead needles all over under the trees. All the small plant around trees are dying, or have died. These trees are gynormous!!! (is that a word??) Thanks in advance for any info that you can pass to me!!

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  • Ken Ken on Jan 29, 2018

    You certainly can remove the bottom branches if you wish. Especially if they are dead or dying they should be removed.

    Needles are the tree's leaves. They are supposed to be there since those leaves have a limited life just like those on deciduous trees. They don't get caught in the wind so much and they just fall to the ground.

    Big trees steal sunlight, water, and nutrients from smaller plants at their base. It's just how stuff works.

  • Irene Marchionni Irene Marchionni on Jan 29, 2018

    I did and it turned into an attractive space and unique looking trees!

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Jan 29, 2018

    Thank you Irene!!! I am guessing it did not harm the tree?? At what time of the year did you do it? Fall or Spring? Or does it matter? How far up did you go? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure!!! Thanks again for your time!!!

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Jan 30, 2018

    Thanks Ken...They are just sooo big and the bottoms do not look so good..then, on top of that my little Bichons (dogs) bring in all the little needles and debris. I have to do something!!!