This vine is growing in my yard. What kind of plant is this?

by Sunush
This one is growing under the tomato plants. So far there have been no flowers. Can someone identify this plant?
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  • Linda Hopper Linda Hopper on Sep 16, 2014
    The leaves look like a morning glory to me.
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Sep 17, 2014
    I suspect morning glory as well.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 17, 2014
    I have a few I keep pulling up!
  • Norma Clubb Norma Clubb on Sep 17, 2014
    It looks like bind weed, also called wild morning glory. It will have a small lavender bloom. It can take over your whole yard if you're not careful.
    • Linda Hopper Linda Hopper on Sep 17, 2014
      @Norma Clubb If it's easy to pull up it's a "flower"...if the roots go to's a bind weed! We fight bind weed and for the most part. We are losing the battle! LOL! Bind weed spreads with underground roots. Year after year after year....
  • Suzette Trimmer Suzette Trimmer on Sep 17, 2014
    Known to most gardeners as the vine from H .E. Double L. It takes over everything and so fast. Strangles every type of plant regardless.It shows no respect for all the hard work you put in. I have seen it completely take over scrubs, rose bushes, you name it, it grows all over everything. You must get rid of the every sight of an emerging shoot, if not pulled, it will have entangled your garden. And those above who mentioned the underground vine are all 100% correct, even if that is stating the oblivious.
    • Cynthia S. Cynthia S. on Sep 19, 2016
      Hi Suzette, I have a question for you about this nasty vine.. I have been battling this monster for about a year now and my main issue is that this vine originated from my neighbors yards... corner lot & our power line & meeting fences has been the beasts lifeline! All I can say is UGHHH!! I killed the ones climbing down the support lines anchored onto my property, however the smart vines are now growing on the line running to my house! I will not let them get that far, but I wanted to know if you could pass on some advice!
  • Sunush Sunush on Sep 17, 2014
    Thanks all. This is the first time it ever grew in my yard in 30 years. Even though it looks so sweet and innocent yet can cause so much damage, right !
  • Rebecca Corley Bailey Rebecca Corley Bailey on Sep 17, 2014
    I agree with Morning Glory.
  • Suzette Trimmer Suzette Trimmer on Sep 19, 2016
    GEE Whiz that is one troublesome stubborn weed. Does the neighbor's home from which it's' probably' rooted , do they garden? Or is that at back of their property line and well may have a compost pile there. Since the mass or the problem is all over those wires so in your favor!!!!!! Because one utility company or another is responsible for the wires. Go down to the official office in your region and show them how potentially dangerous this could turn into being. For instance if you were to get early ice storm the wires are goners due to the weight the weeds are placing on the wires. It is a Public danger that is easily PREVENTABLE now tell them. Show them, Its just plum dangerous and a public menace. That way you do nothing labor wise and the township- county- borough-or utility Companies themselves come out to rid you and your home and your garden of this vine ONCE and for all time. Hope my ideas work out for you!!!! Sending the photo ideal to convey the true depth of your problem.