How do i do easy simple how to topics for a workshop??


I have started a Garden Club in our area and we are doing a basic how to workshop. I am looking for very short easy to do ideas that can be easily accomplished in a 10 or 15 min span for begining and young gardeners as well as those more mastered in the art of gardening. Do you have some simple easy great ideas?

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  • Joanna Smith Joanna Smith on Aug 15, 2018

    How about starting with how to properly plant pots and window boxes?

  • Patti Nicholas Patti Nicholas on Aug 15, 2018

    Start with the basics, soil preparation and amendments, composting, advantages of planting natives, perennials vs annuals and don’t forget hardscaping to enhance your landscape

    • Debbie Burke Debbie Burke on Aug 16, 2018

      Great ideas..some we have already used for much longer presentations:) a couple already scheduled for this workshop! :)

  • Off the top of my head:

    1. How to read seed packets.

    2. How to plant seeds to start a garden.

    3. How to transplant seedlings to pots.

    4. How to transplant seedling to ground and space properly.

    5. How to transplant a houseplant into a bigger pot.

    6. How and when to fertilize plants both indoor and outdoor.

    7. How to choose the right fertilizer.

    8. How to read plant tags to choose correct plant for your yard or garden.

    9. How to choose the correct soil, compost, potting medium.

    10. How to make your own soil mixture.

    11. Explain the difference between "trimming" and "pruning"

    12. How to deadhead flowering plants.

    13. How to grow herbs and use in cooking.

    14. How to dry or preserve herbs for future use.

    15. The importance of bees in the garden.

    16. How to attract butterflies to your yard.

    17. How to attract and feed hummingbirds.

    18. How to handle common plant pests.

    19. How to get rid of aphids.

    20. How to grow tomatoes.

    21. How to protect tomatoes from horn worms.

    22. And most importantly: How to use Google to find out how to care for a specific plant.

    If you need more, let me know!

    Happy teaching! 🐝

  • Edie Edie on Aug 16, 2018

    How about popsicle stick or other objects made into plant markers. Decorate pots with paint, Mod Podge, beads. Make a simple knotted cord plant hanger. Add cute little "feet" with wooden beads or blocks to the bottom of planters. Or perhaps make simple garden decor...wind chimes, wind mill, sparkly something to stick in the dirt!