How do I root Jade plant cuttings?

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  • Beth Beth on Jul 22, 2019

    Tammy, you can google this question for several excellent videos, but basically, gently remove some leaves by wiggling them loose. You want leaves to have little "horns" at the bottom. If they come off without these "horns" (that's why I recommend the videos), they won't root. Now set them aside on a plate or something and let them be for about two weeks. Seriously. Then dip the ends in rooting powder (buy at any place that sells plants), shake off the excess, and poke a hole in some "cactus and succulent potting soil" in a pot with drainage, and stick the leaf in. Water sparingly.

  • They will pretty much root on their own. Here is how to do it properly.

    I have a bunch of pets and they have been know to knock off a niblet or two. They have always rooted wherever they fell. I dig them out, plop them in some fresh soil and make a new plant. They grow like weeds for me and I gave away a whole bunch to my neighbors on

  • Margaret Margaret on Jul 22, 2019

    Just plant a piece straight into potting mix.

  • Tammy Tammy on Jul 22, 2019

    I must have been doing something wrong because mine looked like it got idk rootrot I guess. This go around the cuttings I got I left alone ,but they need to be transplanted . Do I need to prune it before I transplant?

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jul 22, 2019

    Make sure you have a good soil for succulents. I add gravel to mine so that it drains well. Also, the pot needs to be well draining. Then just stick the cuttings into the soil. Don't over water but feed bi-weekly. All my succulents, including jade, are from cutting where I did just that. It does take a while so be patient. Also, make sure it gets plenty of sun.

  • Tammy Tammy on Jul 22, 2019

    Thanks everyone I'll sure try it let you know how it turned out