How to make seedling pots

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  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Mar 24, 2018
    I have seen a little wooden thingy about 2" diameter. You wrap news paper around it to form a pot. I always though you could use a small jar or glass and do the same thing. Never tried it, though. You can use egg cartons or even half an egg shell. If it is a cardboard carton, you don't have to remove the plant; just plant the whole thing.

  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 24, 2018
    many things can be a seedling pot, the cor of a tp roll, or core of paper towel, newsprint, yougurt cups, dixie cups. If it holds water and dirt it’s fare game.

  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 24, 2018
    I have used the foam egg cartons before with good success. Separate the top and bottom of the carton. Poke a hole in the bottoms of the egg sections to let the water out so the plants don't get all soggy. Fill these sections with potting soil and put a couple of seeds in and cover them lightly with soil. Mist so that the soil is moist and then stick this section of the carton into the top section and place in a sunny place. Keep the soil moist. When the plants start to grow and you find that they are getting a bit of fungus or mold on them, sprinkle with cinnamon. The cinnamon will kill the fungus:) The top will keep the water from running out of the egg holders and onto your sills. When it's time to plant, use a plastic spoon to scoop the plant out and plant it into the ground. Good luck and happy gardening:)

  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Mar 24, 2018
    Great answer from Pung61. You can use a marker on the same spoon you used and "name" the row you planted your seedlings in. "lettuce", "Spinach" etc.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 24, 2018

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 24, 2018
    You can use the small yogurt containers, the tubes from tin foil, wax paper, etc.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Mar 24, 2018
    Used K-cups are great for starting seeds - using the remaining coffee grounds, which have nutrients that seedlings love. Just add enough seed starter or potting soil to fill the rest of the cup and add 1-2 seeds per cup. Transplant after they reach 2-3" tall.

  • Christel Christel on Mar 24, 2018
    SO many things can be used! Old egg cartons, egg shells (but I always seem to break them when putting soil in them), old ice cube trays and you don't have to use items that are partitioned off. Using old Rubbermaid containers, muffin tins, etc. Have fun! :)

  • War15939090 War15939090 on Mar 25, 2018
    disposable plastic cups with holes bored in the bottom