How to propagate Adenium plant by cuttings?

Jk jauhari
by Jk jauhari
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  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Jul 04, 2017

    Hi, I have posted a video to help you know how to grow Adenium plant cuttings. I hope it helps. According to the video it took quite awhile before it began rooting, so I hope you are a patient person ;) Hope this helps!

  • K. K. on Jul 04, 2017

    This is such a pretty flowering plant, it's also known Desert Rose and is pretty hardy unless you overwater it causing it to rot. Propagation by cuttings is easily done.

    Using 2 to 3 inch pots (I like the little clay pots). Prepare the clay pots by soaking in water overnight, then fill semi firmly with a soil intended for cactus and succulents or use a regular potting soil and add 1 cup perlite (found in garden centers, usually near the soils) to about 3 cups soil. The perlite is to make the soil fast draining which is very necessary here with this and all succulents.

    It is best if you use a Rooting Hormone which is a powder and encourages healthy roots on cutting. I'm using one from Schultz called Take Root, previous to this jar it was another maker who made one called Roottone. They both work well. It just has to say 'rooting hormone'. Depending on how often you propagate cuttings it will practically last forever. This current jar is about 7 years old. At the rate I use it there is probably another 2 to 3 years use in it. Even as old as mine is it has not failed me. I do keep it in a cool dry area inside the house.

    So, take your cuttings from the tips of the host plant about 2-3 inches long. Let dry out to callous over the cut end for at least one full day. Now you will moisten the bottom inch of cutting and then dip into the rooting hormone powder, tap off excess into jar. Push into prepared pots of soil to just over the rooting hormone line. If it wont stand up on it's own the soil is not packed into the pot firmly enough. If so I would remove it and add a little more soil and pack it a little more firmly with your fingertips. The opposite would be, if it is hard to push the cutting into the soil then I would dump out the soil, refill the pot to the very top and pack by pushing in level with fingertips, packing less firmly as you had before.

    Water daily - the water should drain out immediately, if it doesn't there is not enough perlite. Unfortunately for best results the soil must have more perlite added. My advice would be to make up the soil combo, put some in a pot lightly packing it, water it and see if water comes out quickly. Spray the area a couple times a day around the pots to keep the humidity up, because at this time the plant is not drinking so at least the leaves can absorb from the humidity.

    If you can't spray a few times a day then I would use a tray that has about 2" high sides, fill with pea gravel (you could also use the leftover perlite) about 1" high. Set pots on this and keep about 1/2" or more of water at all times. The pots should be sitting above the water not in the water. Just check it once a day and add water if necessary

    Somewhere between two to six weeks the roots will develop. I always have one that is my experiment pot, meaning this is the only one I will tug on starting at two weeks to check on the rooting and then do this once a week. Once I know that they are rooted very well I continue to treat them as a new cutting for another month or so before 'potting up' which means planting into the next size up when it comes to the pot.

    Just FYI - all these instructions can be used for most any cutting propagation. I've done it this way for years and years. Also, plants actually grow healthier and quicker if you only transplant to next size up on the pots. Jumping sizes, say from 3" to 6" for some reason causes them to not grow as well.

    I know this is long, I'm sorry. I guess when I get going I get going. I just wanted you to be successful at this and lots of tried and true info is very helpful for success.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

  • Jk jauhari Jk jauhari on Jul 05, 2017

    thanks. I was making the error in both, the soil selection and watering method.