I found these mushrooms down the street - are they edible???

They lookbeautiful and smell so good. There are 2 different types there - what say ye learned folks? If I gather them what is the best method to store them...?
i found these mushrooms down the street are they edible, gardening, What a great find I think
What a great find. I think.
i found these mushrooms down the street are they edible, gardening, Look like thick pancakes
Look like thick pancakes.
i found these mushrooms down the street are they edible, gardening, Smell good too
Smell good, too.
i found these mushrooms down the street are they edible, gardening, This second type is also growing in the same area
This second type is also growing in the same area.
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  • Peg Peg on Oct 03, 2013
    They might be poisonous mushrooms. I would not eat them!

  • Virginia Carter Virginia Carter on Oct 03, 2013
    No, do not eat them.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Oct 04, 2013
    For anyone to say to you those are edible or not would be irresponsible as a good ID would not be possible. I think both replies are good advice. I have a great ID book on mushrooms, but unless I really really recognize the plant, I won't and don't try them out.

  • Anna Marie A Anna Marie A on Oct 04, 2013
    there are plenty websites that can help identify Wild edible mushrooms from Poisonous mushrooms.

  • Peg Peg on Oct 04, 2013
    What if a dog peed on them? Ewwwwww

  • Carol S Carol S on Oct 04, 2013
    I understand - I am waiting for my book to come in. But they sure do look awesome. I was hoping to hear from an expert on the subject.

  • Sheila E Sheila E on Oct 04, 2013
    I believe the second ones are turkey tail mushrooms. Google them, they're good for a lot of things including curing cancer. I'm not sure what you have to do to use them though.

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    • Sheila E Sheila E on Jun 22, 2014
      @Judy They already have. Perhaps you'd like to watch this TED Talk? For even more information on mushrooms look for the one titled: "Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World. Paul Stamets has done some really amazing work.

  • Carole Carole on Oct 05, 2013
    I would think that even someone who knows all about toadstools and mushrooms and can tell the difference would be hard pushed to tell what is what from these photos. I would not chance eating something that could kill me nor serve it up to someone else! If someone can view them in person and give a proper identification that is one thing, relying on someone viewing a photo is another! Toadstools are highly toxic and people have died from eating them. If you are unsure - even if you think you can identify them from looking at photos in a book - I would leave well alone - it is too risky.

  • Lia Lia on Oct 05, 2013
    Just dont even touch them at all!Nature is perfect,and if they seem atractive even smelling good,its for theire own good,skills to survive,attracting.Just remember that maaaany of them are highly toxic,not giving 2nd chance.I belive that most deaths really happen to the ones who really thing they know them well,'cause others dont even dare to pick them ;) So,dont take any chance ;)

  • Kathy Heyde Kathy Heyde on Oct 05, 2013
    They say if you eat a poisonous mushroom not to bother calling 911 to just lay down...wanna take that chance?? Not me!!

  • KatieAnn KatieAnn on Oct 05, 2013
    Well I sure wouldn't eat them. If you decide to make a meal of them be sure and save a sample to take to the ER with you, so they will know what poisoned you.

  • Xena Nierobisz Xena Nierobisz on Oct 05, 2013
    You can't eat these. Believe me. There are many good ones out there but not these. I grew up on picking mushrooms and I know for a fact these are not edible.They are more like tree fungus

  • Xena Nierobisz Xena Nierobisz on Oct 05, 2013
    oh and if you find edible mushrooms it is good to cook them for 10 min in water with salt. Cool them off and put them in zip-locks then freezer. You can store them like this for a year. Also you can dry them by slicing them and putting them on a paper towel or hang them on a string. But again not these:)

  • Judy Judy on Oct 05, 2013
    The 2nd picture looks a lot like Turkey Tail mushrooms.

  • Carol S Carol S on Oct 05, 2013
    Thank you, all - The next time I am craving Mushrooms I will go to the Market. I am getting a book but before I go looking for them in the woods, I will take a class or go with an expert. Have a wonderous autumn.

  • Su Su on Oct 05, 2013
    These look like conks https://www.google.com/search?q=conks+on+trees&oq=conks&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l5.5410j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espvd=210&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8 I first saw them in OR....but while there a boy showed me how to pull them and put them in an oven or fire to kill the bug that grows them and then you can paint on them....I have two that I did ...that was over 22 years ago....but beware the earthy mud dead smell that comes out of them is way beyond the dead smell of an animal....so if you can and it is thick enough do it out side :) and yep good information never ever eat wild mushrooms no matter what unless you have someone who knows and then let them eat first

  • Marie S Marie S on Oct 05, 2013
    I would not eat them, take a class on mushrooms. I have a friend that goes out get wild mushrooms. The next mushroom he will be getting is lobster and I was told they taste like lobster. There is classes at the college here on Vancouver Island, plus the teacher will take them out to the forest and show them what to look for good and bad ones. Chef's here goes out to pick or buy them. One chef that wrote a book Deerholme Mushroom Book, by Bill Jones, he lives here in Cowichan Valley.

  • Evelyn McMullen Evelyn McMullen on Oct 05, 2013
    I can remember when I was a little girl in the 30s my Dad would take us mushroom hunting. How he knew what was edible I have no idea. None of us ever died from poisoning.

  • Marilee H Marilee H on Oct 05, 2013
    I also would not eat them. I have a friend who's Italian dad had been picking wild mushrooms for years. It only took one mistake to put him in the hospital for a long time.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Oct 05, 2013
    the only mushrooms I would ever gather from the wild and eat are chantrells which are unmistakable.

  • The Blooming Gardener The Blooming Gardener on Oct 05, 2013
    Elizabeth Sebastopol, CA the only mushrooms I would ever gather from the wild and eat are chantrells which are unmistakable. And even then I would only pick chantrelles after I had positively identified six or more of their key ID characteristics. I have picked Chantrelles for over 40 years, but always used at least six or more keyed positive ID. Almost any other ones have way too many other "Look-Alikes" that are very very deadly and I have heard about so many people in my area that are "experts" that get in the news because their whole family got poisoned or themselves and they either die or almost die. Just getting a book, taking a class etc, does not guarantee that one time you might pick one that isn't edible, and likes just like all those ones you learned are okay....I hear it is very painful too. Growing your own from a kit etc is fun though. Fungi Perfecti sells them.

  • Connie Mautz-Wheeler Connie Mautz-Wheeler on Oct 05, 2013
    They are conks, as Su (above) from Stuart, OK, said. We used to pick them, dry them and paint pretty pictures on them. Never got poisoned from handling them but sure didn't eat them.

  • Nora Trammell Nora Trammell on Oct 05, 2013
    trammelltreasures.com sells mushroom kits and plug spawn too, see them at the Mother Earth News Fair in Kansas next week and take an hour long class, should be fun :-)

  • Jay B Jay B on Oct 08, 2013
    They say that those layered tree mushrooms (wood ears?) are edible.But if you have a county agricultural department, it would be wise to check them out. Also , maybe a local mycology club . (a fun hobby for mushroom )lovers

  • Susan Recycle Paus Susan Recycle Paus on Oct 10, 2013
    We were always told to NEVER eat wild mushrooms! TOO RISKY (and potentially fatal)

  • Marie S Marie S on Oct 11, 2013
    Yes, since then they had found a lot of mushrooms that are edible. Take a class to learn which ones that or get a book on mushrooms. Here in BC, we have a lot different types mushrooms.

  • Bonnie Bassett Bonnie Bassett on Oct 11, 2013
    My friend and room-mate loves to hunt and eat wild mushrooms I had some this summer that she was sure were not poisonous and I am still alive but you do have to have a good book about them because so many look alike . She sometimes just take her tongue to taste if it burns or is very bitter forget it! I personally would rather buy mine at the store! I have never had any wild mushrooms that really taste good so it isn't worth the risk for me.

  • Roberta Eagleston Roberta Eagleston on Jun 19, 2014
    Morels are the best here in Indiana. Have not eaten the white that a friend picks and eats. I had several in my yard last week but just mowed over them. Horse necks another variety that one can eat. Elephant Ears also can be eaten. Morels are found only in the Spring. Have not heard of Chantrells.

  • Myrna Engle Myrna Engle on Jun 22, 2014
    Best to know what you are doing. One day in Dallas area the news began to broadcast that these huge beautiful mushrooms had shown up all over the metroplex and people were already sick. They suggested no one eat them ever. They said death was possible.

  • Carol S Carol S on Jun 23, 2014
    Thank you - I didn't even touch them. But they look cool - Made a nice picture ( :

  • EL Hoard EL Hoard on Sep 19, 2014
    Mushrooms are very deceiving and it is very difficult to distinguish which are poisonous and which are not. Best to leave them alone unless you are an expert on mushrooms.

  • Jean Luby Jean Luby on Mar 03, 2015
    Not much mushroom picking done in this part of the world. In Europe it's a hobby everyone learns as a kid. Here even if I recognize it here which is a rare find I best leave it alone. The ones with the red dots you see in fairy tales grow wild in many parts of Europe they are beautiful but highly poisonous. The woods there are full of them.