I would like to introduce my 15 year-old son to gardening. Ideas?

I am a single mom that works a full-time job and in the process of trying to obtain a part-time also. I love the idea of container gardening but am afraid of not having the time to devote to it. My son isn't exactly known for taking the initiative on things so I need to support this venture in some way. I would like to start out with a few herbs since he likes to help me cook.

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  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Oct 05, 2017
    look into square foot gardening on the internet...there are great sites that explain the concept, tell you how to do it, how much of everything you need to plant etc. The beauty is you can get a good yield without taking up too much space and the planting medium and layout means significantly less upkeep. If you approach it with your son like it was a project involving him in the research and design, this could become a fun togetherness thing for you both.

  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Oct 05, 2017
    Hello Tiki! There are a number of Hometalk suggestions for putting together an herb garden. Why not review them with your son and let him choose the method to use since he will be taking care of the herb garden. Here they are:


  • Kel28819681 Kel28819681 on Oct 05, 2017
    Growing herbs then using them in your meals not only makes your food taste better, you also know exactly where they came from and can assure yourself that are truly organic. Before fall hits, get to Home Depot, Lowe's or your gardening store and buy small herb plants (from seed doesn't always guarantee success), plant in small pots, grouped together in a sunny spot, water when needed, talk to them often, prune when necessary, harvest regularly and give the upkeep and maintenance to your son. Have him research dinners using fresh herbs, then suggest he cook dinner too!

  • Pat Benson Pat Benson on Oct 05, 2017
    A few pot seeds would probably interest him...

  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Oct 05, 2017
    You are very welcome! Hometalk is happy to help! Enjoy!

  • Emily Emily on Oct 05, 2017
    well a boy is a person as much as a girl (LOL)! If I wanted to enlist the aid of anyone, unless the need was dire, which it seems to me yours is not, but rather something you are interested in, I would acknowledge what he is interested in. If he likes to help you cook, why not have him take over more of that and then you use the gained time for gardening. Discuss all household responsibilities with him, cooking, cleaning, gardening, laundry, shoveling, raking, mowing, picking up, marketing, etc and ask which he is most interesting in doing.