Can you help me with Identifying a shrub ?


Please can someone identify a shrub that is growing in my garden in Western Australia?

q identifying a shrub
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 11, 2018

    Hi Carolyn,

    Looks as if it could be Evergreen shrub Viburnum. Enjoy!

  • Justme Justme on Aug 11, 2018

    If it dies off then regrows it also could be JoePye weed

  • Hb Hb on Aug 11, 2018

    That looks like pink Lilac to me . The leaves look right and the clusters of blooms looks right.

    If it is a shrub then it isn't Joe Pye Weed. The operative word in the name is weed.

  • Thelma Thelma on Aug 11, 2018

    Hi, I agree with Hb, it looks exactly like my Reblooming Josee Lilac bush (shrub). My Josee Lilac has blooms with a lovely, sweet scent and blooms off and on during spring, summer, & fall here in Idaho.

  • Baxter Baxter on Aug 11, 2018

    Not certain but I believe that is Kalanchoe Kalandiva. Note the leaves and buds as well as the flowers for comparison.

  • Van.Isle.BC Van.Isle.BC on Aug 11, 2018

    Here is an excellent app for your phone.

    It really works.

    I have taken a picture of your picture and the first result says Lilac (Syringa).

    Another suggestion from the app is Korean Spice Vibernum (Viburnum carlesii)

    Try the app and see what you come up with.

  • Carolyn Sadler Carolyn Sadler on Aug 12, 2018

    Thanks everyone for your assistance in identifying my scrub. I do believe now it is a Viburnum.