Is it good to plant mint around the outside of your garden?

I have too much mint and was told planting around the outside of my garden fence will help keep some animals out of it. I just moved to the country and plan to replant the gardens already fenced.
q is it good to plant mint around the outside of your garden
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 17, 2018
    Be-careful mint takes over,I would container plant it

    • Therisa Ellis Therisa Ellis on Feb 19, 2018
      to control mint overload I saw the tip to plant the pot down in the Soil in the garden to prevent root spread & still trim & use your herbs

  • Janet Janet on Feb 17, 2018
    mint keeps rodents away and spiders so I understand.

  • Arttice Arttice on Feb 17, 2018
    No, it spreads everywhere!

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    • Carol Carol on Feb 19, 2018
      I use 2 layers of lawn edging on top of each other with the top one out of the ground about 2 Inches if the mint grows over it is easy to remove. Use the trimmings for what ever you use your mint. You must be vigilant about the trimming but it works for me.

  • John John on Feb 17, 2018
    yes. It will deter most pests and animals from taking your crop. Works for me.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Feb 17, 2018
    Hi Rickyvic1
    To keep the best and avoid the worst of mint, plant it in pots anywhere you want. Just watch for those trailers that flop to the ground to keep it from spreading. While mint has a lot of benefits, it really is an invasive plant. I ended up having to kill it to stop it from completely overtaking my garden. :( Wishing you the best.