Morning glory leaves are spotted

Nancy Brenneman
by Nancy Brenneman
My morning glory plants have been growing fine and blooming, but the leaves are mottled with light green spots. Kinda likeover spray from a spray paint. The flowers and leaves are smaller than usual too. Is it soil type? I have been fertilizing with flower fertilizer.
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  • Bluesister Sky Bluesister Sky on Sep 09, 2013
    spots sound like spider mites (depending on how small the spots are.) can u upload a picture? a lot of diseases can look the same .
  • Bluesister Sky Bluesister Sky on Sep 09, 2013
    Also, Morning glories don't like too much fertilizer. they are very happy in poor soil as long as they have full sun so I would stop feeding them.
    • Nancy Brenneman Nancy Brenneman on Sep 09, 2013
      @Bluesister Sky Thanks, I only fertilized after the leaves were spotted. Hope this picture helps.
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  • Bluesister Sky Bluesister Sky on Sep 09, 2013
    It is hard to see , It Could be leaf spot. the more I look at this picture the more I am thinking aphid or spider mites they are both sucking insects. If the spots are tiny, try looking under the leaves . If u see little black freckle sized dots its spider mites also they have webbing( usually next to the stem) but it can get to be very bad, if it gets out of control, with webs all over the flowers . I would try an organic pesticide like AZA MAX or Neem oil. if u see the bugs. Its the underside of the leaf u want to spray. I will check on what I can find for leaf spot for u if u like or u could just look it up online there are lots of great sites . Good luck! I just Love Morning glories. Oh if you need to get bugs off and don't have anything right away, u can spray cold water on the leaves to wash them off and if you have the time just squish the bugs with your fingers they are very tiny but if there are enough u will see them.