Moving from a warm state to a cold state? Question about my plants

I moved from Florida to Kentucky and I brought all my plants. How do I care for them in this drastic change in weather.
I have a big jade tree, crown of thorns, elephant foot and a bloming alo plant. I know these are hardy plants but when raised in warm weather how can help them with the change?
q moving from love a warm state to a cold state
q moving from love a warm state to a cold state
q moving from love a warm state to a cold state
q moving from love a warm state to a cold state
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 16, 2018
    They will not be hardy in Kentucky for outside until the temperatures day and night remain at 65 degrees or so. Place in bight locations and water when dry to the touch.

  • Lizbeth Lizbeth on Jan 17, 2018
    I agree with Janet's answer. You don't want to over-water but extended use of drying central heating will likely dry the soil faster particularly since the aloe looks like it is in a clay pot. Fortuately the plants you have shouldn't be bothered by lower humidity although the crown of thorns might drop a few leaves. The biggest challenge will be providing enough light.

  • Melbrooks Melbrooks on Jan 17, 2018
    Keep them inside and enjoy them. You can use plant lights if you don't have bright spots for them.
    Bring them outdoors in the warm months if you can, and they should do just fine. (I moved from Ohio to California to VA, so I've grown plants in all areas)

  • Richardstarling Richardstarling on Jan 17, 2018
    Make or buy a shelf and hang a two bulb fluorescent light with a warm bulb and a cool bulb this should make the plants think there in Florida and help them through the winter. The shelf should be kept inside a warm area about 50 degrees. You can also grow seeds with the warm and cool bulb during the winter.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jan 17, 2018
    Keep them inside until you have a warm place to put them outside. They may need more water inside with dry heat, my Grandma always used to measure content of the soil up to the first knuckle.

  • Debbie Kuhar Debbie Kuhar on Jan 18, 2018
    Your moving now, when people all over the country are dealing with come of the coldest temps on record. i have plants are are full grown trees. I have fig trees that loose their leaves every winter. i have a lot of big pictures windows in the home, amd I put my plants where my heating vents are. Others where I have a glass sliding window. My windows are only a few yrs old, check for drafts when you place them when you get settled. If you can get some of those old brown shopping bags that we used to carry groceries in back about 20 years ago. I know that say, do not use plastic. I imagine you will have a moving truck? Buy these paper bags, cut them and protect your leaves if you are going from a warm to cold climate. Because you have no idea on how long the plants will be in t he truck, Living up here in Pennsylvania, where neighbors garden. I see my neighbor throwing blankets over her plants for over night. Or putting the small plants into a car. Keep them away from the cold and drafts while traveling and best of luck to you.

  • Diana Ward Diana Ward on Feb 19, 2018
    I live in Virginia and I have a lot of plants that I bring inside during the winter months. I put them in the garage where the temps don't go below 55 or so. I make sure none of the plants are on the concrete by laying boards on the floor and setting the plants on those. I have tables and bookcases as well, but the big plants stay on the floor. There are windows in the garage door that provide sun for the plants. Also, on those warm days that we all get throughout the winter, I open the door and lightly water the plants and leave the door open for the sun and fresh air for a few hours.

  • Rezzonator Rezzonator on Mar 22, 2021

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