My ivy has a lot of dead leaves on it-never happened before-any ideas

q my ivy has a lot of dead leaves on it never happened before any ideas
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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 21, 2018
    Perhaps they had some damage from the cold everyone had this winter. I would wait and see if it comes back before doing anything. Some ivy can be resilient and stubborn about dying off.

  • Han11807599 Han11807599 on Apr 21, 2018
    Looks like it may have been frosted. Ivy is pretty tough, it should snap out of it. Part of my front yard is covered with it, I give it a good raking each spring & fling a granular fertilizer on it right before a rain. The only problem with mine is that I need to trim it back 3-4 times a year during growing season to keep it in the bed it's growing in.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 21, 2018
    looks like frost damage to me

  • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Apr 21, 2018
    Too much rain.

  • Han11807599 Han11807599 on Apr 21, 2018
    Sorry, when I replied, only 1/3 of the photo was showing.....

  • Annie Annie on Apr 21, 2018
    Give it a gentle haircut. It is normal for ivy to die back and need trimming. Try a small area and see if it responds in a few weeks.

  • KT Anne KT Anne on Apr 25, 2018
    On the opposite end of this I have ivy and hate it. Anyone have good ideas how to get rid of it? TIA!

  • Michelle Michelle on Apr 25, 2018
    don't worry it will return with a vengance. You don't have to do anything I'm still working at getting rid of it. I'm going to try the vinegar, salt and soap to see if that helps to get rid of it