Should I move my Hydrangeas or just work the soul?

I have multiple types of hydrangeas planted in a special area in my front yard. The hydrangeas just don't grow very much or bloom very well. There are pine trees all over my yard. Should I make my hydrangeas into containers or leave where they are and just rework the soil?
q should i move my hydrangeas or just work the soul
There are 10 hydrangeas in this area for over4 years and nothing!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 27, 2017
    Most likely they are not doing well because of the soil condition. Di you amend the soil at all before planting?

  • Joyce Drumm Joyce Drumm on Apr 27, 2017
    Have your soil checked to see what adjustments you need to make to it. And hydrangeas need lots of sunshine and do well on the north side of a house. I will suggest moving them to a sunny spot after you've had your soil tested. Take suggestions from whoever does the soil testing for you. Good luck.

  • Vanessa D. Vanessa D. on Apr 27, 2017
    Last year I saw two gorgeous Endless Summer Hydrangea that were grown in containers. The owner said he overwinters them in his unheated garage. They were stunning!

    At the end of the day, if they've been there 10 years with such poor results I'd say move them and plant something else in that area.

  • Monique Monique on Apr 28, 2017
    Thanks, I have amended the soil several times. I believe I'll replant into containers. I dont want to lose my hydrangeas .

    • 17sunshine 17sunshine on Apr 28, 2017
      I'm formerly of Syracuse, NY where I didn't have hydrangeas. I've relocated to So. CA and out here they need strong light, but can't take the hot sun. I transplanted them to a better spot last year and they are doing much better.

  • Bpa20742369 Bpa20742369 on Apr 28, 2017
    Hydrangeas do well in acid soil. Dump your daily coffee grounds in the soil around plants . They do need some sunlight and breathing space along with room around each plant stop trimming them yearly! Barbara M. G.

    • 17sunshine 17sunshine on Apr 28, 2017
      I save my coffee grounds and once dried out I also put them around my hydrangeas. In So. CA they can't take any direct hot sun, so I moved them to a part sun area and they are doing much better, blossoming all the time.

  • Valerie Cline Valerie Cline on Apr 28, 2017
    I'm not an expert, I'm thinking the pine needles themselves added with shade could be the problem. My grandmother gardened her whole life and mentioned some plants can be somewhat toxic to other plants. Another Example if you have a sick rose bush dont replant a new (rose) one in same spot the desise will just carry to new one. I'm wondering if pine needles themselves can be causing poor growth?? Just a thought.

  • Bpa20742369 Bpa20742369 on Apr 28, 2017
    You don't have to dry out coffee grounds before dumping them into theSOIL! The photo shot doesn't look like any place I've ever seen on California. It's definitly green country. Maybe it should be watered more often, looks like side of the road location. Bad when dumped on during snow season.