Something is eating the leaves on my persimmon tree

by Jennifer
My husband and I first bought our new home about 3 months ago and planted a persimmon tree we received as a gift. I'm usually pretty good at growing anything, they say I have green "thumbs"! Buy this tree has stopped growing and something is eating the leaves. I don't know what the culprit is but it needs to stop and I want to make it go away as naturally as possible! Please someone help!!
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 08, 2014
    Since you have no idea what is eating the plant, I suggest you start with a good commercially made insecticidal soap or a spray of neem oil. If you think the damage may have been caused by caterpillars, the safest thing to use is Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis.
  • Leona G Leona G on Jun 08, 2014
    The Persimmon tree is sometime used as a larval plant for butterflies. I think this is probably grasshopper damage and unless you catch them on the plant there is no real control. If you can watch and see if you see moths or butterflies around the tree you maybe able to see what kind and identify what is eating you persimmon.
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    • Don Don on May 12, 2018

      In my case, it was small June beetles that come in here every spring and I have had this problem now since I planted my persimmon trees and I have around 15 of them of various varieties. I don't like using insecticides so I just pick them off and eliminate the critters with a set of pliars. Check the plants at night when this is occurring

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 09, 2014
    I forgot it was lubber season. Leona may well be right about grasshoppers.
  • Don Don on May 12, 2018

    I was having the same problem so I started checking them at night and I found it was these small June beetles about 1/2 inches long that was eating on them. So now when I check them, I carry something with me to squash the little critters. I would suggest you start going out at night and checking yours if you are still having this issue. These beetles come in here every year about this time. Good luck

  • Dave kU Dave kU on May 15, 2019

    Dav42367643. I have the same damage on my newly planted grafted Fuyu persimmon. The only thing I could find searching it twice tonight is attached. But i did spray with sevin before dark.