What happened to my Tomatoes plants? And what should I do??

They are big boys. Planted in a big planter.. they're ​very small tomatoes. In the middle some branches just died. Never had this happen before.
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on May 21, 2017
    This sounds crazy but I have friends who swear by it- try using milk on your tomatos!

  • Margaret Margaret on May 21, 2017
    Have you fed them with a fertilizer that is made specifically for tomatoes, such as Miracle Gro for tomatoes or any other vegetable food. You may have purchased a mislabeled plant. Could the soil have dried out, causing the leaves to turn brown? Have you checked for aphids, cut worms or some other pest?

  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on May 21, 2017
    Do you have some pictures? That would certainly help the rest of us try to help you with your problem.

  • Vljefferson Vljefferson on May 22, 2017
    Try adding used coffee grounds and leftover coffee to potting soil before planting. Mix soil and coffee grounds thoroughly.

    • Rose Blaine Rose Blaine on May 22, 2017
      Were in Florida now. We always had a garden in Michigan. Never had this problem. I will try coffee and the grounds​. Did ever see the branches​ die in the middle and still have life past the deadline part.

  • Vljefferson Vljefferson on May 22, 2017
    Yes I did. I cut/pruned the dead/brown branches off and tomatoes continued to grow.

    • Rose Blaine Rose Blaine on May 22, 2017
      Thanks I did that too but they look pretty bad. I just thought it was something I was doing .