I bought two gardenias and need to plant them today.

by Louise
I read online that mixing their soil with peat moss helps. At Lowe's they only had a huge container of peat moss, so I bought a smaller one of peat with sphagnum. I assume that will work?
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  • D & K D & K on May 10, 2015
    Sphagnum is merely the true form and actually the only peat moss. There are several brands marketing peat mosses but they're usually a mix of other things and labeled as peat moss.
  • Pam Shoesmith Probasco Pam Shoesmith Probasco on May 11, 2015
    Should be fine. They like acid soil which is what peat moss gives it. You can sprinkle used coffee grounds around top of soil occasionally for this reason also. I'd add some compost to mix also.
  • Seena Seena on May 11, 2015
    yes, as long as they're in acidic soil (PH of anything less than 7). Gardenia's are a really easy plant once they've established themselves :) Enjoy there beauty ~ you're doing fine Louise :) Here, this should help a lot: http://www.garden.org/plantguide/?q=show&id=2135
  • Pam Bjalme Pam Bjalme on May 11, 2015
    Regular potting soil will be fine. Gardenia's love acidic soil. Mulch with pine needles. If you live somewhere where there are pine trees, or near a wooded area with a lot of pine trees, go and get some free pine needles and some of the ground around the area. Also go to your garden store and look for fertilizer for acidic plants. That's it, and watering.
    • Louise Louise on May 11, 2015
      @Pam Bjalme I have lots of pine trees AND pine needles. :-)
  • Lili Alofipo Lili Alofipo on Aug 01, 2023

    Thanks for the advise as I was having issues with transplant to a bigger pot and always ended up dying but I never give up, I just kept buying them because of my love for gardenia, I take it inside for the winter.

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 06, 2023

    If have a friend who uses a mix of half sphagnum peat moss and half finely ground pine bark mulch. I dig a hole 10 or 12 inches deep, and I also pile the mix 8 to 10 inches above the surrounding grade. As the mix settles, I add 1 or 2 inches of fresh mix annually as a top-dress.