What is on my Lilac Garden Phlox?

I would like to get rid of it naturally before it kills the plant. The leaves are turning snowy white. There are areas of brown spots
q what is on my lilac garden phlox
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  • Theresa Theresa on Apr 28, 2018
    Sure looks like some sort of powdery mildew.

  • Sherrie Keisler Sherrie Keisler on Apr 28, 2018
    Use a mixture of soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray as needed.

  • Susie Susie on Apr 29, 2018
    If powdery mildew, Neem oil, diluted according to the bottle, works well. Brown spots could be a fungus or mites. call your local extension service and see if there is a Master Gardeners program or extension agent, or even take a leaf to a good nursery where you will find a knowledgeable person who can identify the problem. Hard to do from your limited photo.

  • Diana P Diana P on Apr 29, 2018
    Thanks to all who replied. I’m going to start with soapy water spray. If that doesnt work then neem oil.

    • Lori Duffin Bell Lori Duffin Bell on Apr 29, 2018
      powdery mildew is a common phlox problem. Neem oil may work but you may need to get a really need a good fungicide. To much moisture, shade and poor air circulation are usually the cause. And as Susie mention, call the plant line at your local extension office or take a sample to the to examine. Good Luck :)