What kind of tree is this?

This tree in Houston, TX looks like it was sliced off about 3' tall, then suckers allowed to grow out of the trunk into these present large branches. It has .3 large holes that look like they were where the original branches were. I was wondering if it would harm the tree if I filled the holes with potting soil and planted something bright and shade loving.
what kind of tree is this, gardening
what kind of tree is this, gardening, Sorry it s sideways but these leaves hang down
Sorry it's sideways, but these leaves hang down.
what kind of tree is this, gardening, Sorry it s sideways but it s an old and rather small tree
Sorry it's sideways, but it's an old and rather small tree.
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  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Jun 09, 2014
    Looks like a pecan tree, awesome if it is! Save it!

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 09, 2014
    I'm terrible at tree ID, but do not put soil or anything that would stay moist in that hole. However, it might be a great spot to tuck a bromeliad!

  • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Jun 09, 2014
    @Adranne C Thanks but it isn't. It's def one of those trash trees you get, fast growing and short lived. I like the shade it gives, though, so I want to save it anyways.

  • Mary Bready Mary Bready on Jun 09, 2014
    Could be an Elm tree.

  • Carol Carol on Jun 09, 2014
    Definitely not a Pecan tree. I agree looks more like the Elm family, but whatever it is the shade it gives is great!

  • Sue Walker Sue Walker on Jun 09, 2014
    I agree it may be an Elm, or could be locust. As Douglas said, don't put soil in the holes. A bromeliad might look good or use some type of yard decoration such as an owl or elf.

  • Dianne P Dianne P on Jun 09, 2014
    chinaberry tree

  • Roxanne Fischer Roxanne Fischer on Jun 09, 2014
    Consider a liner / planter to help protect the tree from excessive moisture, but i think shade plants would look good.