What's the best way to propagate a Magnolia tree.

We have a big beautiful Magnolia tree in our yard that my Mother planted 28 years ago. Mom has since passed away and we are selling our house now. Would love to have a few healthy starts from it to pass on to family members.

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  • Allison Newby Allison Newby on Jan 20, 2018
    Does it still drop the cones with the red seeds? And in the spring when it has off shoots that are green new growth id cut a bunch of those and use a growth hormone in powder form from lowe S or garden center and place in a well drained bucket with at least 4 hours of sun but not too much. Your supposed to cut most of the leaves off so that the branch will then put all it's energy into growing roots where it was cut off from the mama tree. Also, honey works wonderfully as well as a root stimulator! I use it instead of the powder form. Honey is antimicrobial and is just fantastic! Dip the cut bottom into the honey and place the cut piece into the pot /bucket and water ever other day or when it's dry. Best of luck! I know this magnolia is special and I pray and hope it roots for you. Good luck!

  • Allison Newby Allison Newby on Jan 20, 2018
    I've rooted quite a few roses this way with phenomenal results! Some of the roses I rooted came from a florist in a bouquet as a gift for a recital! I liked the pretty yellow color so I just tried the honey and cut the leaves and cut the bud off and with 10 days it was rooting. It felt like forever but I was shocked and super happy! Keep us posted please!

  • Gail Gail on Jan 20, 2018
    I've never heard of rooting cut floral roses, nor using honey. I have to try this. Amazing what you can learn from each other on Hometalk justby reading others' questions when you don't know the answer to their questions & you've never even thought about their subject.

    • Glb32447390 Glb32447390 on Jan 20, 2018
      I completely agree. I came upon this site only day's ago. I'm so very glad I did.

  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Jan 20, 2018
    If it were that important to me, I would speak to a professional gardener/landscaper about the possibility of grafting the magnolia tree onto a small but healthy tree. I think of grafting as preserving the old while still creating a future. Also, you might want to write in the buyers contract that "if necessary" you may return for a cutting or a sapling for the next five years. Unusual, yes, but I think it could be done.

    • Glb32447390 Glb32447390 on Jan 20, 2018
      Thank you so very much for sharing this link. Great information. I believe we got this.

  • Glb32447390 Glb32447390 on Jan 20, 2018
    Thank you, Great ideas to try.

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Jan 20, 2018
    look for seedlings coming up in the woods/areas around the tree -- I have dozens from the 40 year old tree in my front yard; most get mowed down -- I've let a few grow to maturity --

  • Glb32447390 Glb32447390 on Jan 20, 2018
    Thank you. Magnolias don't grown in our woods. We are in Washington state. They are not native to our region.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Feb 16, 2021

    Hi there, so sorry for the loss of your Mom  This article will show you various ways of propagating your Magnolia tree so you can take it with you - https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/trees/magnolia/propagating-magnolia-trees.htm