How do I fix yellow spots in lawn?

One side of my lawn tends to turn yellow while the is always green what can I do to fix that? I live in the Chicago area so anyone has suggestions on which ground plants to use also?

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  • Midge Midge on Mar 19, 2019

    My front yard was like this in Massachusetts and found I had grubs eating the grass. Put some grub killer down beefore planting anything just in case.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Mar 19, 2019

    Call or visit your local nursery to get more information for your area and project. They are having sales now so you can get free ideas and snag some deals. They can best help you with your grass.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Mar 20, 2019

    Yellow (but otherwise healthy) grass is usually one of two things. It isn't getting enough light or it needs iron. So, is the side of your lawn that is yellow getting a lot of shade? Do you feed it once a year? If there are any trees around that aren't a vibrant green, then you're probably needing an iron supplement. For ground plants that will thrive in your area, check the High Country Gardens website. You can access a large number of filters and they will result in a selection of plants that will thrive in your area. You don't have to make a purchase, but they guarantee the plants will thrive - and they're good about that. Cheers!

    • Jean SF Jean SF on Mar 20, 2019

      Thanks. I think it more so in shade. Weird because there's a walkway between the two sides. Believe your right about the tree being the cause. Because the tree is on that side. Thanks for suggestions.