Wrap it in rope for all your tool needs

Keep your coins, hardware bits, or just about anything else in these. Get tutorial here

Spray paint it into a mini trash can

This would go great next to any desk or in any bathroom. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a mosaic planter

Use dollar store gems to decorate it, and you have a gorgeous succulent planter. Get tutorial here

Use it to store your favorite snack

Paint it with chalkboard paint and store your favorite snacks. Get tutorial here

Paint it into a charcoal bin

What better way to store your BBQ supplies than in a cute tin? Get tutorial here

Use it for storing cat food

Wrap it in contact paper, add some stickers, and you have a great place to store your kitty food. Get tutorial here

Or for storing dog food

This looks much nicer than that big bag of dog food. Get tutorial here

Or even for your bird food

If you can find smaller containers you can even put them in the birdcage. Get tutorial here

Paint it into a bright container

Put it in on your kitchen counter for some great decor and a useful container. Get tutorial here

Paint them into bright gift boxes

No need for wrapping paper when you have all these leftover tins. Get tutorial here

Use them to organize receipts

These little tins, coated in contact paper, are the perfect container for all your receipts. Get tutorial here