Asked on Nov 12, 2017

Mold on the dirt in my house plants

by Met4804128
I need help, my house plants have mold on the top layer of dirt. I only water my plants once a week and only enough to dampen the water. I have 9 different kids of house plants. Does anyone have any ideas why I have mold on my dirt, or do you have any solutions to get rid of it? Below is one of my plants.
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  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Nov 12, 2017

    My plants recently have done the same, so I was interested too to see what was going on. I think this gives us the answer, and you will see there are other videos on the subject.

  • DB DB on Nov 13, 2017

    Different plants have different watering requirements based on size of plant compactness of the roots and the plant itself, For most plants you should water them really well- like until water runs out the bottom and then don't water again until the top 1/2 inch of soil is dry on top. Don't, however leave water in the bottom saucer--most plants don't like their "feet" constantly This means your once a week watering schedule becomes a once/wk checkup schedule. Keeping the the top only just damp might cause mold, Anyway scrape off the top inch of soil and replace with new potting soil and water well.

  • Jacx Jacx on Nov 13, 2017

    I put cinnamon on my plants surface and it's all gone. Don't water so much and only water from the bottom. Set your timer for 30 min. Drain any left over.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 13, 2017

    Soil too Wet.............

  • D roach D roach on Nov 13, 2017

    good way to get rid of it would be to re-pot them

  • Earleen Bernard Earleen Bernard on Nov 13, 2017


  • Pascale Nguyen Pascale Nguyen on Nov 13, 2017

    Water your plants less frequently.

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Nov 13, 2017

    Alas, the mold in my pot was the only healthy thing there..

    • Doris Lindsey Doris Lindsey on Nov 13, 2017

      I repotted ALL 15 of my African Violet's and lost them all. I also had mold, I am a Master Gardener and have raised A.V'S for many years. I called Miracle Gro and the girl told me that sometimes a fungi will get into the bag when being processed! Thanks alot M.G. YOU COST ME UNDUE PAIN!!!!

  • Saskie Saskie on Nov 13, 2017

    I also had this problem, now I mix in some Bulb and Soil dust in to the soil, no more problems with mold.

  • Met4804128 Met4804128 on Nov 13, 2017

    Thank you all for helping I will water less and scrape off the top and add new soil.

  • PRO-MIX PRO-MIX on Nov 13, 2017

    Mold will grow on almost any organic source, if the humidity is sufficiently high. Molds are generally created by filamentous fungi that are ever present in our environment. Each species can have different preferences for certain types of organic food sources, ranging from wood to plant debris.

    The molds which grow on peat moss and other growing media is saprophytic, meaning they feed on dead plant material and are not pathogenic or harmful to plants or people. The molds are found naturally in peat bogs at very low populations, but due to the acidic nature of a peat bog they do not flourish, which results in slow decomposition of peat moss. However, once harvested, and amended with Lime and nutrients this changes the chemistry.

    Generally reducing moisture, lowering the temperatures and improving drainage will help eliminate the mold.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Nov 13, 2017

    Just scrape it off and turn the remaining dirt over. Make sure the dirt dries completely before rewatering.

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Nov 14, 2017

    Truthfully, the fungi or mold on the surface of my soil never harmed them at all