Can you plant lettuce now?

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  • Where do you live? Check for your last frost date here:

    If too soon for your area, you can start indoors and transplant when the time is right.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 19, 2018
    It depends on where you live, and what the weather is doing this spring. It has been up to the higher forties here, yet tomorrow the high will be 32 degrees and the nights are still manly in the twenties, which would be too cold for them to survive.

  • Karen Durante Karen Durante on Mar 19, 2018
    Depends on where you live however in the Chicago area it is not recommended to plants seeds until May (15th, I believe is the date).

  • Caroline Forwood Caroline Forwood on Mar 19, 2018
    I start indoors and move out in warmer weather. Lettuce could be grown in a greenhouse window too.

  • Carol Marszalek Carol Marszalek on Mar 19, 2018
    As in previous post’ check to see when the last frost is. Also rather than starting seeds, try taking your core from your store bought lettuce. Cut 2” from bottom, place in glass with water to begin root system. When you see new growth, transplant into garden.

  • Christine Christine on Mar 19, 2018
    !Well, Chickadee, that depends on what grow zone you live in! You don't want to have the tiny plants coming up only to have Mother Nature decide to drop an inch of snow onto your garden. Ck the last freeze dates for your area, but even then, if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather you might want to cover the seed with a couple of strips of newspaper, or a strip before putting the soil on top.

    Then again, Janet, if you happen to have a greenhouse, you can plant anytime you desire! Happy gardening!


  • Bryan Bryan on Mar 20, 2018
    start it inside

  • Russbow Russbow on Mar 20, 2018
    ALL the ideas about when the last frost, is WRONG. I actually plant in the FALL by rototilling in the plants I let go to seed in the fall. They come up like a field of grain in the spring, and FROST, EVEN FREEZING does not seem to stop them ONE BIT. I start thinning the "field" as soon as I can get ahold of the plant with TINY little leaves, GREAT eating, and as they grow, keep thinning. MONTANA.

    • You are an experienced gardener. The average backyard gardener may not have the space that you do, nor knowledge of the different lettuce types available that would be "fail proof." I can grow almost year round with minimal effort, but most people are not that lucky. 🌿