Ideas? HELP! In need of budget ideas for lots of repairs....

We've had medal driven in from the lakefront three levels and all along the side of the house. It still kept falling, very costly and more damage occurred so we had to get our foundation lifted we had to remove everything in areas that were to be dug up, all pavers, retaining walls, decking, kitchen flooring. Our landscaping was destroyed. We put a temporary deck area so we can go in and out of the house. Our kitchen floor was destroyed. Any damage to our property was our responsibility to fix after the completion of the lift. We are trying to get things back to normal but the cost for the foundation doubled and our budget for any dream that I had to repair our home, kitchen and landscaping is on hold. We need new windows, doors, roof etc., all in all we need many areas repaired and a lot of help. Any design that won't be too costly would be appreciated. We need ideas for items that could be recycled to use and other suggestions. I'm overwhelmed with this horrid project so it's hard for "me" to imagine what can be done. So here's a picture to give you the gist of my dilemma.
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Lake from entertaining area. All decking, retaining wall and pavers were here. We need ideas.
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  • Bryan's Workshop Bryan's Workshop on Jun 05, 2016
    Hello! You have an amazing house with the best view! Lakefront property for me is a dream come true. Sounds like a terrible dilemma to be in! What area do you want to start on first? Are you going to do it yourself? Don't let this overwhelm you. The house is gorgeous and now you're moving forward.

  • Pat Miller Pat Miller on Jun 05, 2016
    I would suggest consulting a landscape designer in the area. I know this will be an expense but they can give you the best advise as to what would look fantastic and also what should be done first. then you can adjust ...

  • Connie Phillips Connie Phillips on Jun 05, 2016
    Make a list of what has to be done in order of importance. It looks like you need clean fill so you can advertise for that to get it for free. Also, enlist friends to help and trade services or offer future "stay at the lake" mini vacations for work they do on your place. There are a lot of good people out there who may donate items you need but you need so get the word out. I agree with Bryan, you have a beautiful view which should be an inspiration to get you out of bed and keep moving forward. You can do it!

  • Trudy Trudy on Jun 05, 2016
    First, take a breath. Second, employ an engineer to determine what needs to be done so that no more erosion/structural damage occurs. Third, do THAT! Then you can prioritize your list like Connie mentioned and the "work for a future mini-vacation is a great idea." Give them a "coupon". Ask for help. I once had a HUGE house that needed painted. I had a "Labor Day" party where my friends labored BEFORE I put out the beer and food. Be willing to pay them back with labor of your own. Watch Craig's List or Freecycle for materials. Finish a project, then enjoy your accomplishment for a week before you tackle the next one so it isn't a non-stop grind. Remember to appreciate your blessings, you HAVE A LAKE FRONT HOUSE to fix. :-)

  • Dai2453110 Dai2453110 on Jun 05, 2016
    I have no answer to your problem but it hurts my heart to think of all you must accomplish to stabilize your home. Best wishes to you. We had a 1,000 year flood here in October so many residents are going through major renovations and tear downs. One day and one project at a time. Columbia, South Carolina

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jun 05, 2016
    First, I have no clue what you are talking about 'medal driven in' from the lake, and 'it keeps falling'. I assume you have removed any debris and cleaned out the floors and rooms. Any replacement doors, windows, etc you put in, paint beforehand, it will make the job much easier to just have to do 'touchup' once put in place and easier and quicker when painting where you can be sloppy and have them horizontal in front of you while painting. Last thing to worry about is the landscaping, but think 'hardscaping' with rock, gravel, etc as much as possible. Finding supplies spends on where you are located, Habitat for Humanity often has much building supply materials for a song. Also you can put thee word out to local builders, contractors, home renovators you are looking for specific items (sizes, etc) who may be doing 'tear downs' or renovations, They will have things they are getting rid of. Also the dump where they will end up throwing their stuff out at. by the yard. Cheap Labor?... good luck, join a church. (and for sure, don't vote Trump!)

  • Sandra Sandra on Jun 05, 2016
    I can't figure out what is meant by "medal driven in from the lake and it keeps falling".

  • Mary Hefleng Mary Hefleng on Jun 05, 2016
    Are you talking about "deadmen" - the rebar that is driven into the shoreline to anchor a seawall? If so, those are essential to a stable wall. Sounds like you have had erosion and it will keep undermining your foundation until that's secure.

  • She She on Jun 05, 2016
    USE GOOGLE: PICK 1 ITEM @No search results.Google' used'---- in your city, or 'refurbish'---or trash to treasure- check Home for ideas- then, check past ideas on hometalk for ideas how to make beautiful yard creations. Google does a lot of unnecessary searching in few minutes.

  • D fuhrman D fuhrman on Jun 05, 2016
    like everyone else i'm not sure what you are saying.

  • Barb Wirey Grigsby Barb Wirey Grigsby on Jun 05, 2016
    From the bottom of the front side door creat a long patio. When you come back to the sliding door con't that patio over the top of your sliding door. Long patio. Put retaining wall to the right of property. Under your patio where the sliding door is creat another entertainment area. Or make patio tall enough that you can park a car under it, by doing a layer or step up deck for the back area. Hope this makes since.

  • Ann Ann on Jun 05, 2016
    I would think DNR would have recommendations or possibly even requirements for stabilizing erosion. Cement comes to mind. Good luck and let us know what you end up with. I doubt it will be economical if it's going to last.

  • Barb Johnson Barb Johnson on Jun 05, 2016
    Hi, we also had a home on the lake.. It took 4years but we were able to put in a bulkhead.. That helped save our lot. We had a beautiful walkout basement that the floor heaved up in.. 6 to 12 inches high.. usable... Floors and walls all bowed. Family said "knock it down". But we love our place. The problem is not the house it's the water and the ground moving. We lifted our house and raised it 6 inches and had it leveled. Removed the concrete floors, played vaper barrier down and repoured the floors with lots of rebar. Of course we repaired the foundation too. Our home remain really good for about 10 years and the the basement floors stared to raise and crack. In the meantime get a RV outdoor rug, level a spot lay it down and grab your patio set and enjoy the view. We sold our lake house a few years back and the banks buked and bluked but in the end they did the loan for the people who care for it now. We also made a picture album of all repairs to leave with the house.

  • Linda Freiberg Linda Freiberg on Jun 05, 2016
    Look for salvage yards and stores. You can find a real treasure trove. You have my sympathy and my well wishes. God Bless.

  • Kathleen Kathleen on Jun 06, 2016
    I'm absolutely intrigued by this post! It sounds like the other Michigander understands the situation, but I am clueless. Will SOMEONE please post an explanation of the situation here? Is this a common situation? Does insurance cover it?

  • Con3711289 Con3711289 on Jun 06, 2016
    The suggestion to reach out to contractors, salvage yards and the Habitat Restore is a good one. I would add that Habitat for Humanity, in addition to their more well-known project of building homes for lower income people, have a program called Critical Home Repairs. It's designed to assist existing homeowners facing overwhelming repairs . Even if you don't qualify for complete assistance through that program, you may qualify for some. Regardless, you could almost certainly benefit from their resources--their connections and networking they have for expertise, labor and material. At the very least, they can steer you in the right direction, help you make a plan, etc. Almost invariably, when people learn of opportunties to make a difference in someone's life, such as in a case like yours, they step up to the plate in ways that you never envisioned. Very best of luck to you, Judy.

  • Mary Kay White Mary Kay White on Jun 15, 2016
    I have no advice to offer but please know that you'll be in my prayers. I can't imagine where I'd even start...