How can I make my laminate countertops a waterfall edge from a square

Thomas Ellis
by Thomas Ellis
This may be confusing but my wife wants to paint our laminate counter tops to look like granite since I won't buy her real ones. But right now our laminate countertops edges are made of tile. (So laminate on top and ugly blue tile edges).
I plan on removing the tile and putting laminate where the tile once was but she wants the waterfall edge to it look even more like granite. It's square right now and I'm just wondering if I should sand it and then put laminate on the edges and if so.... Then how do you put laminate on waterfall edges? I know this is really confusing. Sorry if you don't know what a waterfall edge is. It's round at the top and square at the bottom
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  • Jan Wilson Jan Wilson on Nov 01, 2013
    Thomas my laminate countertop is pressed broad.Sanding makes that stuff fall apart.What if you added round molding to edge.Lowes has paint kit for the granite look counter top.Me I just sponged on black,grey and white .Loved the looik added a few coats of poly and it lasted years.Now my child is sanding it off so she can paint it her hope this helps Jan
  • Karen Campbell Karen Campbell on Nov 02, 2013
    We did something called Granite Transformations. Much less expensive than real granite, no special maintenance as with real granite, and it's installed right over the top of your existing countertop. One day job. We love ours. Just a thought.
  • Jadez Jadez on Nov 02, 2013
    i used a product kit called giani granite. it gives u every thing u need to redo your counter tops to make it look like granite, with different color combos that u can choose from ....can find them on facebook
  • Pat Dollar Pat Dollar on Nov 03, 2013
    @Thomas Ellis, It seems you have an edge called bull nose tile which is typically used to complete a tile application on counter tops. The concern in painting both the laminate and tile is to eliminate the obvious spaces between the tiles prior to painting. Those cracks or spaces will have to be filled in so that you begin the paint process on a completely smooth surface.
  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Jan 06, 2014
    Thomas You could do as Jan suggested and purchase moulding that resembles the edge your wife is looking for and then if you don't really want to paint it look into this product it is a "granite" film that really looks real and sounds to be really durable and easy to apply besides being very inexpensive!--Rachel Ray is a fan of it. Hubby and I are planning on doing just as I suggested with moulding and this film to use in my craft room as counter tops....This stuff goes on easily over flat or molded edges and over existing laminate (I would also remove tiles as they would show through) I read installation directions just need a rubber squeege and a blow dryer or heat gun.
    • Amazing Grace ! Amazing Grace ! on Mar 31, 2017

      that link is not working.. just an FYI... disappointed because I really wanted to see that option - "film granite"

  • Ji.flooring2009 Ji.flooring2009 on Apr 26, 2015
    Go to the local hardware store, purchase half round. Use a finish nailer to mount it along with a thin bead of liquid nails. Once it's mounted use paintable wood filler to fill your seam on top. Wait for it to dry then sand to a nice smooth finish. Use a sanding sealer and a tack cloth. Tack cloth will remove unwanted dust, sanding sealer will help close the pores of your wood. After that dries you can proceed with your base coat or primer
  • Scottie Vosburgh Scottie Vosburgh on Jun 17, 2015
    In lower the other day, I actually saw laminate sheets you can do yourself that look like Granite. It's essentially "Formica" countertops you get to do yourself. They had everything there you needed to do it and it didn't look hard, just time consuming. I agree with the previous poster that you need to attach more trim to make it the shape you want and then fill in the spaces first. You may need to take off a bit of the current trim though to make it work and not stick out too far. You can do it though! Just set aside more time than you think you need. If you did it already (since this is an older post) we'd love to see pics!
  • MJP MJP on Dec 02, 2018

    My Late Reply (for any other DIY people):

    Order Formica or VT Dimension Laminate Sheets at the big box stores (you need a size larger than your existing countertops for the fabrication process. For a seamless" round-over edge" (some manufacturers call it "half bull-nose" edge, and others call it "waterfall" edge), you need an adjustable heat gun that can maintain an even temp of 325 degrees to successfully soften the laminate sheet that needs to bend over the (Min 1" radius) routed curved substrate edge. If too much heat is applied, the sheet will bubble and the compressed layers of the laminate will puff up and fall apart. Advice: Experiment with the adjustable heat setting on the heat gun on a small cut out area of the laminate to train yourself on this very intense fabrication process. If it seems too difficult (and it is) and you have no patience doing a post lamination application on MDF boards for kitchen counters... hire a Laminate Fabricator!

    • Greg Hill Greg Hill on Jan 09, 2019

      Thank God I found this haha!!im trying to do the same thing and it took me 30 searches to find this!!! Thanks for all your input...invaluable! I'd buy you all a beer if you were around here!!!