How do I transform 1 room to look like 2?


My living & dining area is a 12 foot by 36 foot rectangle. I want them to have a separation look. I'm on a fixed income, I'm thinking painting would be the least expensive, ideas on how to transition the walls? What about the ceiling? Open for suggestions with all ideas. Thank you

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  • Sandra Ellis Sandra Ellis on Jul 12, 2018
    Add a large rug under your dining table. Build a large narrow and waist high open book case. On the top shelf put long planters and fill with flowers. Will seperate your rooms.

    • Cel22455098 Cel22455098 on Jul 12, 2018
      Thank you for replying, I did the bookcase idea, hubby didn't like it. Pfft... We have carpet in the living area, the rest is linoleum. We also have a freestanding propane heater that is not in the budget to replace at this time. Ugg... ☺

  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on Jul 12, 2018
    Get some bottom n top curtain slide tracks n maybe large bed sheets or planters cloth ?

  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on Jul 12, 2018
    Painters cloth

  • Janice Janice on Jul 12, 2018
    Have you considered a couple of large furniture pieces placed perpendicular to the long walls to make them "separate" the living room area from the dining room area? Some furniture pieces are not pretty on the back but you could apply wallpaper or paint the backs of whatever pieces you use to separate the areas so it is pretty from both sides. Inexpensive bookcases might be used for this and would provide a physical and visual break in the long room. Also, sometimes placing circular or oval rugs in the two different spaces will visually stop the eye so it doesn't look so long and narrow. Large plants placed to break up the area might help as well.

    • Cel22455098 Cel22455098 on Jul 14, 2018
      Yes we have a sectional, not to many ways move because of propane heater. Thank you

  • Emily Emily on Jul 12, 2018
    You need some kind of defining object/item. Do not divide the space in half, make the living room larger. Even a sofa back to the dining room, esp if it has a sofa table behind it will visually divide the space. Maybe if you had a post or something, like a tall narrow display cabinet on your "division" it would make the different colors make sense, otherwise I might hesitate to do that.