Any ideas on what to do with this odd space over my stove?


We recently bout a 130 year old home. I’m short on renovating money now that we’ve done the absolutes! This arched silver space above the stove must be where the original cast iron old fashion stove/oven was. I want to preserve as much old character as possible as we go along, but can’t renovate the whole kitchen yet. Any ideas what on earth to do with this space for now?! It’s not magnetic. I think I have to attach/paint/add on top of the metal. My best idea right now is maybe tin ceiling material... any other suggestions? Thanks! (PS: HATE the cabinets. Working on those, too.)

q any ideas on what to do with this odd space over my stove
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  • Tere Tere on Aug 12, 2018

    Luv your tin ceiling tiles idea! That would look fabulous! I'm also thinking you could continue with the brick, if you can find it, or use the same black tiles I see on your back splash. Good luck :)

  • You could paint it and add a piece of "art" that can be cleaned, like a tray or even a tin tile as art. Use the 3M hooks.

    They also make sticky back tile that might work. Clean the metal well to get anything to stick to it.

    Good luck!

  • Emily Emily on Aug 12, 2018

    That is a very attractive space. Our house is 113 years old and the space where there had been a kitchen stove is now a closet and we painted the brick white. I am posting a picture of decoupage from my kitchen. The piece on the right is glass and the decoupage is done on the back so the glass can easily be cleaned. I think you should not lose the curve at the top therefore I would veto the ceiling tiles as they have their own design and that would be repeated. You need something individual (IMHO) since that space is so unique. Is it set into the depth of the bricks around it? If so, could you have a door made to fit and narrow shelves inside to hold spices/herbs? Or you could just leave as is because it is now easy to clean.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Aug 12, 2018

    Wow, that's an awesome part of the house to preserve. I'm glad it was left in place instead of tearing it out. I hope when you do renovate that you find that the entire brick surround is still there. Have you tried to see what is behind the sheet metal? There could be more brick there. But if you just want to cover it up, since it is temporary, I like the tin ceiling idea. That should make it look better.

  • Mona Mona on Aug 12, 2018

    I love that brick arch. I love that it remained with the house, how unique and fortunate. I see how you have a lot of materials and a lot going on. You have that cool arch, the stainless panel, stainless stove, a teal/ sea foam/mint? wall color, the honey cabinets with more stainless handles, marble counter and black tile. I like your wall color and tea towel, if that is your pick, what about adding fake brick, either in a panel or with a wall paper on the angled wall? Make it blend more. If you wanted paint the brick in a white, cream, or soft gray, so it all matches. Or keep it brick. If you like the copper color, paint the stainless arch copper and use a magnetic paint and then paint your handles to match if you wanted. Try a copper, teal, stainless, brick combo and I think the honey cabinets and black tile and marble counter might all become more cohesive and still match well with your tea towel and the remaining wall color not covered in faux brick. You could leave the stainless and add baskets and copper baskets or copper shelves or brackets to detract from all that stainless that is happening.

    Copper may not be for you, but it's an option. Baskets would also soften the stainless.

    Can you drill into the sheet metal? Have you thought about Ikea? Perhaps hang some of their rods across with their storage baskets. Link....

    If it isn't too played out for you actual chalkboard paint over the stainless where you can write the weekly menu? Or a piece of acrylic cut in the shape of the arch. You could write on that. Or if yo u left a slight opening on the side you could use that to slide out interchangeable pictures, peel and stick tiles on a board, art, favorite recipes, all protected by the acrylic.

    Here is a link for magnetic paint...

    Would a mirror work for you instead? Hanging a pot rack above it so the pots hang midway or partially down? Taking the eye up. Framing the arch or painting the black part. I can't tell what it is, is it a rubber seal? You have a literally blank canvas that happens to be stainless steel. You could make it into an interesting art piece. Attaching things to that stainless? You could use just about anything that suited your taste.

    It's the angle the stove is and the awkward corner my eye keeps scrolling back to to try and figure out to a way to make the most of that. I'd probably remove those shelves on the side of the cabinet and do shelves straight across, cabinet to wall as far as I could. Display things or make utilize it to hold things that wouldn't be ruined from the heat? I'd also try to make use of the corner wall near your entry, with some sort of custom shelf to fit that corner. Or baskets in the corner and up around the arch some used some just for decoration. The used ones in the corner would hold pot holders dish towels, maybe utensils or those blasted pot lids that seem to never fit properly in any kitchen. Also for the corner....

    Or truly inexpensive and quick, simply screw small hooks into the stainless and hang your pot holders, measure cups, utensils, framed photo's or recipes making the stainless standout less.

    Good luck..

  • Kari Kari on Aug 12, 2018

    If you cook a lot, like I do, you want something beautiful to look at in that kitchen nook.Thought you might find some inspiration here, I did.

  • Baxter Baxter on Sep 09, 2018

    For a quick fix, you could paint the metal (including that blue) with chalkboard paint --- write a favorite family recipe on it or draw/stencil a simple design. An easy fix, but it will blend better with your black backsplash and draw your eye away from all the different angles. The chalkboard would be inexpensive and easy to redo with whatever permanent remodel you may want to do later. Good luck!