Asked on Jul 11, 2014

Countertop Redo Products: Rustoleum vs. Giani

We have redone our kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a Rustoleum Kit and love them. Now we want to tackle the countertops. I'm looking for reviews from anyone who has used the Rustoleum Kits and those who have used Giani Kits. Can anyone out there help? I'm very interested in how the counters have held up over use and time. Thanks.
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  • Daphni Cooper Daphni Cooper on Jul 11, 2014
    I can't wait to see the answers I am debating which to use also. :)
  • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Jul 13, 2014
    ANYBODY . . . HELP :)
  • Rac373664 Rac373664 on Sep 14, 2014
    We used Rustoleum on the counters of our office. They scratch easily and look terrible a year later. If you have high-use areas, I wouldn't recommend.
  • Connie Lindberg Connie Lindberg on Nov 13, 2014
    I have read reviews on the Rustoleum paint and will be staying away from that product. But I am leaning towards the Rustoleum Transformations as a get by refresh option for our kitchen. Do not want a 2 week cure time for the Giani. What did you end up doing? I had see you in many of the blogs I was reading too about the processes!
  • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Nov 14, 2014
    Well . . . we still haven't done the countertops. But the cabinet resurfaced pieces are wearing well! Right now, the kitchen backsplash is a more affordable project, so I'm idea hunting for that. Glad you're seeing me on other blogs. Hope you'll check out :)
  • Kris Kowalski Kris Kowalski on Sep 27, 2015
    There are other ones out there, like Encore (more of a concrete). I don't know anything about any of them. I'm just chomping at the bit to do this myself. I'm glad you like the cabinet coating. That might be the direction I head as well. Any suggestions on that?
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    • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Sep 27, 2015
      @Kris Kowalski Kris, we DIDN'T do countertops yet. We liked the cabinet results. I still don't think we're going to find a countertop procedure we'll be happy with. At this point, I'm saving pennies for a solid surface on our island ... and we'll probably use laminate again.
  • 3829825 3829825 on Jan 09, 2016
    It may be too late to answer -but I used the Giani kit for my countertop in the bathroom and not only was it SUPER easy, but it looks awesome. It's been 5 months so far and with a messy 8 year old boy and husband using it I'm pleased with the results. The curing time really didn't bother us too much. From a lot of the reviews I've read online/pinterest the Rustoleum doesn't hold up as well as the Giani -but to each their own! Good luck!
    • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Jan 09, 2016
      @Katie Thomas We heard the same, that Giani is better AND easier. I just wanted to hear from someone who knew how Giani holds up. Thanks so much for answering.
  • Lisa Shibley-Arnold Lisa Shibley-Arnold on Sep 16, 2016
    I love my Giani countertop.... Just use plenty of top coat. ( In coats , not one thick one )
  • Lisa Shibley-Arnold Lisa Shibley-Arnold on Sep 18, 2016
    We love Giani
  • Danielle Catford Danielle Catford on Oct 02, 2016
    I used Giani 4 years ago, it was the dark beige one if I well remember. I could paint my kitchen counter along with my 2 bathroom ones. I was able to make 3 different patterns for each project. It is awesome for someone who is artistic. However, by spreading it too much I did not have enough enough clear coat and put thin layers; the area around the kitchen sink is starting to come off. I think that if you are using this product as indicated it will last a lot longer. I was definitely impressed with Giani.
  • Erin Brennan Roque Erin Brennan Roque on May 06, 2018

    My friend used rusteleum 5 years ago on her countertops. she said it held up great. It’s looks like granite. we re did our kitchen cabinets with Rust-Oleum. We were deciding for countertops Giani or Rust-Oleum. I read negative things of Giani that in a few years it chips We did the rustoleum. It looks great. We love it. It has a great texture like granite. It was easy too. i rather do this then spend the money for new countertops.

  • Sandra Grant Sandra Grant on Jul 20, 2020

    I did my cottage counter tops with Giani countertop paint kit in Sicilian sand 3 years ago and I do not yet have one scratch on it. I absolutely love it. It was fun to do, although it did take patience to draw on the veins of marbling, but it has withstood the usual wear and tear of a countertop. The epoxy coating is a must!!! I did another countertop with Retique it and it didn't make it through one weekend. I think if I had used an Epoxy coating (which they did not say was necessary) it might have lasted longer. Good luck with your project