I have a corian countertop I would like to redo suggestions on how

It’s corian and black now want to redo or strip it’s already been redone once
q i have a corian countertop i would like to redo suggestions on how
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  • Bev Bev on Oct 13, 2017
    Epoxy Resin..... apply over existing counters, can't absorb stains, anti-bacterial, with a high glossy shine. My #1 requirement.... it must take heat and epoxy resin can withstand heat as high as 500 degrees! Its been described as 'indestructible' ..... I've had them a short time and I love them. There is an array of colors and color combinations that give you any look you want. I wanted black and it looks like 2 inches of black glossy glass; my grandaughter says it looks like 'water' because it reflects whatever is sitting on it. Check out Youtube and look up Epoxy Resin counter tops online too. It just may be what you're looking for.