Marmoleum Kitchen Flooring

by Kim
Does anyone have any experience with Marmoleum flooring? This will be a DIY and wondering if it's difficult. Pros & Cons?
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 17, 2013
    I have had some clients install this...against my recommendation. To me the ONLY acceptable floor coverings in a kitchen is tile or stained concrete. Kitchens see some of the most wear and tear in a home and are pone to water damage from leaks. The problem with marmoleum and other cork like tiles are the seams. It is impossible to seal these against water intrusion so your day to day cleaning efforts can cause issues. I have replaced all types of flooring in kitchens except tile.
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    • Kim Kim on Sep 19, 2013
      I don't like tile. I had it in a kitchen and entry way. My dog slipped on it constantly and it was too cold during the winter. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen and tile is too hard underfoot. Also, my kitchen redo theme is cottage/vintage.... Tile is the last thing I'd have
  • Z Z on Sep 17, 2013
    My hubby has twice installed Vinyl Composite Tiles and had no trouble what-so-ever. I'm not familiar with the Marmoleum brand but Googled and it's linoleum. SO... I Googled the difference between them and found this article though it's not comparing VCT it's speaking of the type of vinyl that's made in layers and not the commercial tiles we used which have a similar look to what I saw of Marmoleum. It states that linoleum floors are typically harder to install and usually one needs professional assistance, but they could be talking about sheet linoleum, they don't specify, so if you are looking to do tiles I'd talk with the folks where you're going to purchase the tiles and see what they think.
    • Sharon Connors Sharon Connors on Sep 18, 2013
      @Z VCT is HIGHLY toxic and offgasses pthlalates and formaldehyde. I would NEVER use any kind of vinyl or composite flooring in my house. KMS don't know where you got your info but REAL LINOLEUM can last a lifetime too and is 100% NON-TOXIC and is waterproof being as it's made from LINSEED OIL.
  • Z Z on Sep 17, 2013
    I just found a conversation on Marmoleum on the Garden Web. Seems many have installed the "click" themselves.
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    • Z Z on Sep 17, 2013
      You're very welcome @Kim.
  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Sep 18, 2013
    I disagree with KMS that ceramic tile or cement is the only way to go. When you spend even a minimal amount of time in the kitchen, it is hard on the feet. I had laminate in my kitchen before this one and much prefer it to the ceramic tile that I have now. In this house I just moved into, I have huge amounts in the family room and it is too expensive to move it.
    • Kim Kim on Sep 18, 2013
      @Elaine Simmons agree! Tile isn't even a option for me
  • J J on Sep 18, 2013
    We had marmoleum installed in our bathroom and laundry room and LOVE it. It's green, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, comes in tons of colors and feels good to walk on. However, we paid someone to do it because we heard it was very hard to do.... but after watching the installers - I think we could've done it ourselves. Good luck!
    • Kim Kim on Sep 18, 2013
      @J so many benefits to Marmo! Yeah we're going to do the click system, can't wait! Thanks
  • Marmoleum apart from being extremely eco-friendly,its very easy to clean, as stains cannot penetrate through the hard protective layer of marmoleum. The surface can be cleaned using a vacuum or a mop easily..
  • Renee Olson Renee Olson on Sep 18, 2013
    I hate it. it looked cheap and fades easily. stains and scratches. our wood florrs have lasted and looked way better.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 20, 2013
    All three of those issues can be fixed with a simple area rug, rugs can also be changed easily to change the "decorative" style or for routine cleaning. I only have carpet in two room in my entire home. ( My daughters if them recently asked for hardwood in there). In our master bath we have an electric radiant heating element under the tile. Stepping in there during the winter (when we have it turned up) is indeed a treat. But I respect your opinion and since it is your home your can do as you please. good luck and post pics when you get it completed.
  • Kim Kim on Sep 20, 2013
    Are you related to tile of something?? You're so protective of it lol .... Marmoleum is something that I've wanted for a long time. Area rugs are not something I can have in my home, I have my 80 year old mother living with me, area rugs are pretty dangerous for older people. I give you credit for standing by tile but it's not for everyone.
    • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 21, 2013
      @Kim Not related to any tile...I'm an independent contractor that installs tile and addition to full remodels and custom furniture. I refinished my first hardwood floor back in 1986. Having worked in the Biotech / Pharmaceutical industry for dozen plus years after grad school. I switched careers over ten years ago. In that time I have seen hundreds of kitchen floors...some good some bad. Just passing on my experiences. When I build I go for the long haul with quality and durability. Terrazzo is another great option but not very common in residential use.