How can I give the cabinets in my RV a new look?


This cabinets are in my RV repainted a few years ago. Was wanting to keep the color and do some sort of awash or something easy.. Also plan on changing counters to a concrete surface. Any ideas on what to do? These cabinets are the same throughout the whole trailer

q new cabinet look

Kitchen cabinets

q new cabinet look

Upper kitchen cabinet

q new cabinet look

Garment storage and bathroom sink

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  • Gail Gail on Oct 31, 2018

    Sorry but I would not advise putting concrete countertops in your RV. That would be more weight than it was designed & built to support. There are other materials that would give a very similar appearance without the weight. Please check into those options.

  • Cherry Cherry on Oct 31, 2018

    Totally agree with gail concerning the weight.

  • William William on Oct 31, 2018

    You can do a white wash on the cabinets with a lighter shade of grey or white. Similar to dry brushing. For the counter use Rustoleum, Daich, or Giani countertop paint kits. Have the look of granite, marble, stone, and even concrete. Less weight than actual concrete.

  • Mellykay Mellykay on Nov 01, 2018

    I've seen people use adhesives, like wall paper, to freshen up cabinets. You can find it everywhere, Amazon has nice patterns/colors. Just a cheap and fun alternative that doesn't break the bank.

  • Dennisse Hedden-Bedard Dennisse Hedden-Bedard on Nov 01, 2018

    Distressing would look good but honestly if you like the color - an updated handle would go a long way. Fill the holes and add some character with really nice hardware. Remember the adage - lights and hardware are the jewelry of your space. Best of luck with your project.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 01, 2018

    No concrete in RV. The more weight the harder it is on gas mileage,transmission,suspension,brakes. They are only rated to haul so much. I'm always looking for ways to reduce weight the weight in mine & it's a diesel pusher gets better mileage than gas run I think I'd go with a lighter wash over dark RVs can be dark & feel closed in so going lighter shades would help make it feel larger and much more open.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 01, 2018

    I agree with the no concrete on the counters. It would be adding a lot of weight that isn't figured into the weight of the RV and most of it would be on one side. They should be built to be pretty even on each side for the balance on the suspension. We have a 43ft. 5th wheel we pull with a diesel truck and that balance means a lot for wear and tear on both the trailer parts and the truck parts. I, too agree that lighter would be good instead of solid black. Mine has medium light stain and it is not dark enough to make everything look more closed in. If you want to go with something different on the counters, you could check with somewhere that does counter tops and ask them about something that is equivalent to the counters you have in the trailer already. Have fun redoing your wood work!

  • Rustyhannah Rustyhannah on Nov 04, 2018

    I appreciate all the comments and the advice on the cabinets. This trailer only gets used as a spare guest room or out of town guest, hoping to move it up to the lake where it will have a more permanent home. So I’m not worried to much about the concrete tops. Marble and some of the other hard surfaces tops are much heavier and I’ve seen that done in a pop up camper . Some support added. I’m doing this after the holidays so I’ll give yall an update at that time