What is the best way to change tumbled marble backsplash?

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  • Kim Kim on Jul 21, 2017

    Are you asking how to tear it out?

    Start in one upper corner and break a tile up with a hammer, then you can use a stiff putty knife to start trying to pop off whole tiles or a hammer and chisel to just tear it down.

    Hope that helps

    : )

  • Lucy Nunn Lucy Nunn on Jul 21, 2017

    If you don't want to replace it, paint it! You could whitewash it to go with your cabinets.

  • Carol Carol on Jul 21, 2017

    Painting it would be the cheapest way ,or you can hire a handy man who is experienced in sheetrock. I had the same tumbled marble in my kitchen they had to cut it out then replace the Sheetrock .

  • Jeannie.mcquaid Jeannie.mcquaid on Jul 21, 2017

    My daughter covered hers with a pale grey, marblized paint and it looked great.

  • Julie King Julie King on Jul 21, 2017

    You can do a plaster technique over the top of it too. Looks like you have lots of ideas to choose from! BTW I love those cabinets!

  • Wanda Dow Wanda Dow on Jul 21, 2017

    i would paint the cabinets and change the hardware. hinges can be spray painted to save you $$$

  • Tea28153823 Tea28153823 on Jul 21, 2017

    Hi from Minnesota,

    Here are 2 possibles for you:

    If you don't want to remove the tile you could paint with paint intended for covering tile as a quick or for good fix.

    When first moving into our current home I STRONGLY desired a quick fix for the kitchen's *pinkish* colored tile backsplash! And no, this is not a home from the 1960 - sigh😔 The home was built in about 1990. Pinkish tile? I know right? Now don't be jealous of my pink tile lol! Anyway.. At the time I chose to give it a super good degreasing and cleaning. I let it dry for 24 hours while I went on to one of the other dozens of projects.

    Next morning I taped off the cabinates and covered everything that I didn't want paint on. I painted the first coat. I chose to wait 24 hrs again to be sure it was completely dry. The next day I painted a second coat of paint and boom! the kitchen had time traveled to some where in 2010. I was concerned it would chip, peel, or wash off but to my relief it did not. I only needed it to last until we did the kitchen remodel in a couple years. And that brings us to the other possible for you that I think can go over your current tile if you don't want to rip it out: In our kitchen remodel about a year ago hubby removed the old tile and I chose "real" tin ceiling tile for back splash from American Tin Ceiling. Very affordable. And hubby found it easy to install.

    To my happy surprise it cost less then the fake stuff at the big box stores! Look at American Tin Ceiling's site on line to see all their choices and recommendations for your situation. You can call them & request samples of what you like so you can see style and color in person. ** I highly recommend that as it made all the difference in my final choice!

    I am so pleased with the results and I really love the look! 🤗

    Whatever you end up doing I hope it goes well and you love it 😊 Would love to see final photos.

  • Diana Mann Diana Mann on Jul 21, 2017

    I wonder if the Peel 'n Stick backsplash tiles sheets at the big box stores would adhere to the existing tile? You could color coordinate your cabinet color with those, I bet.

  • Chris Chris on Jul 27, 2017

    I'm also a fan of the stick on tiles. I purchased real glass tiles with a sticky back and all they needed was cutting (you need a saw blade for glass for some of the cuts) to fit the weirdly sized areas. Check this website for info on installation of Aspect Self Adhesive tiles. If your current backsplash is flat, just sand it a bit to remove the shine and stick on new tiles.