What kitchen backsplash combo with busy countertop?

We have quartz countertop ivory with pieces of clam shell (greys, rust, dark brown, light blue, peach), orangey oak cupboards and french blue wall colour. I want a good accent tile.

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  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Aug 08, 2018

    the newest trend is mermaid or fish scale shaped tiles, I think that would look really good with the clam shell pieces, you could get them in one of the different colors (I am rooting for light blue lol ) or go with white or cream, I hope this helps xx

  • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Aug 09, 2018

    I think you have enough going on in the kitchen and should probably stick to a pale grey or pale blue glass tile backsplash. Here are some pretty ideas:


  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Aug 09, 2018

    I would recommend glass subway tiles in the 2"x4" or 2"x6" size using one color that you would like to accent out of the quartz. Such as the light blue or orange. Let the color be your accent. The glass subway tiles all in one color acts like a solid next to the busy counter.