I need backsplash color suggestions to go with copper countertop

Linda Harp
by Linda Harp
You see its a work in progress. Walls are rust and green and pennies. What color would compliment the copper?
i need backsplash color suggestions to go with copper countertop
i need backsplash color suggestions to go with copper countertop
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Nov 22, 2017

    How about a dark hued blue?

  • Margie Linabury Margie Linabury on Nov 22, 2017

    How about a DIY finish that incorporates the look of copper with a patina maybe sponge on or dry brush the colors using a rust orange, burnt brown and teal or turquoise, you could work it until it is just right!!

  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 22, 2017

    What about a color to brighten the space up a little? Use paint chips by holding them up to other stuff in the room to determine which color would work best but that decision is up to you. What colors do you like? You want it to reflect your personality.

  • Patsy Shomers Patsy Shomers on Nov 22, 2017

    I'd suggest a greenish yellow. That would bring the gold hue of your wooden cupboards out, and go well with copper and pennies. It will also bring light to the kitchen.

  • Ra Ra on Nov 22, 2017

    Charcoal gray looks gorgeous with copper!!

    • Linda Harp Linda Harp on Nov 22, 2017

      Yes, I've seen this many times while scrolling for ideas. This and teal/green/blue... and that's the direction I'm leaning. I love rich, dark colors but I have to be careful because I also need to make a choice that will be forgiving to imperfect walls. : )

  • Linda Harp Linda Harp on Nov 22, 2017

    So many great ideas.... I just need to pick one! Thanks for all the suggestions : )

  • Rhonda Rhonda on Nov 23, 2017

    i think a deep blue could look cool or a charcoal gray, but I'd buy the smallest can you can of several colored and paint a strip on the wall and leave it for a few days until you know which color you love!!! We've done this before and it helps so much and worth the small cost. We paid $5 per small container and then we got $5 off each gallon we bought later. We went to an Ace Hardware

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    • Linda Harp Linda Harp on Nov 25, 2017

      I can't wait to see what I decide too! I'm going to repaint above and below the cabinets. I'm getting closer to picking...

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Nov 23, 2017

    Try sand or peach color, this will give contrast.

  • Ro Ro on Nov 23, 2017

    Yellow, Green, cream,

  • Sherri Estes Stewart Sherri Estes Stewart on Nov 25, 2017

    Since you've already got a couple of colors already, I would either paint the backsplash area the same green as the top of the wall OR a

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Nov 25, 2017

    i used a very pale yellow in my family room with my oranges, coppers and browns. It was also a metallic yellow I got from Lowe's. Not necessary to add the metallic. Mine was just a lower level on a tri-level so the paint added just a tiny bit more reflection and light.

  • Sidney Rippy McLaughlin Sidney Rippy McLaughlin on Nov 25, 2017

    I like the minty green above the window. I’d continue that above the counter, maybe in a plain tile. It would brighten the room, which is wonderful but rather dark. (I love be the pennies!)

  • Barb Barb on Nov 25, 2017

    I personally think painting your cupboards white washed would brighten up the kitchen being there a lot of dark tones and be sure to add new hardware, adding Roman shades to the windows, then adding a round rug under the table in a floral color then paint the walls a mustard yellow tone will tie everything together. Here’s a few photos of my ideas along with over the cabine decorating.

  • Huntress Huntress on Nov 25, 2017

    Go to new chic . Com, sorry avoiding spell check, look at the wall sticker category , awesome and affordable. It will brighten your kitchen

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 22, 2022

    Multi coloured tiles or tile stickers or just keep with the Green of the walls.

  • Deb K Deb K on Feb 06, 2023

    Hi Linda, hope this helps you out. It shows how each color compliments the copper.


  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 11, 2023

    Make a list of colors you like and pick from that don't paint your wall a certain color just because someone said to. What works in your home?

  • I would use a dark gray.