More Room for a laundry room

Our Laundry room is really narrow and we have the washer and dryer against the wall and the door opens inward which cuts into the space further, any suggestions. The narrow room also stores our furnace.
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  • Diane Carlisle Diane Carlisle on Aug 15, 2014
    Could you possibly remove the doors and put bi-fold doors in? Or hang curtains in the doorway? I had bi-fold doors on my closets, they were old and falling down. I replaced them with tension rods and purchased curtains.

    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 16, 2014
      @Diane Carlisle I agree, bifold doors are great. I love them on closets because they let in air. And in a washroom, they let heat and moisture out so mold does not build...I like the louvered ones...just my taste!

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 15, 2014
    I am going to make a guess here that your W/D and Furnace are on opposite sides of the room? If so place a bi-fold door on the furnace side to hide it. Remove the door going into the laundry and replace it with a barn style door. You can actually use the same door. Just frame it a bit larger to be sure to cover the entire opening. Mine had two doors, one coming in from the garage and another going to the hall by the kitchen. we kept the garage door as it was. We made the hall door a barn door and it worked out wonderfully.

    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 16, 2014
      @Elizabeth Now I just love those barn doors! I am seeing a lot of them on TV shows these days.

  • Louise Louise on Aug 15, 2014
    Your laundry room sounds similar to ours. We have a bi-fold door which works great.

  • Vicki K Vicki K on Aug 15, 2014
    We took the door off between the kitchen and our tiny laundry room- it was in the way! So the hinges are still there and look ugly. We have two trash cans (regular and recycle) against the opposite wall, and that's all the room there is! I'm thinking of putting shelves all around, maybe two levels. That's all I can do : go UP. Maybe you too.

  • Irish53 Irish53 on Aug 15, 2014
    Can you put in a pocket door? I would use shelve above the for the soap. or if there is enough floor space for the rack that goes between the washer and dryer. Use other wall space to hang a shelf for two laundry baskets. There are shelves that have a rod for hanging clothes while wash is folded. With the furnace in the same room you would have to be extra careful where you have clothes.

  • Donna Donna on Aug 17, 2014
    We just started on our laundry room and the first thing we did was flip the door frame so the door opens out instead of into the room. Made all the difference.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Aug 18, 2014
    A pocket door would be great. Just slides into the wall, freeing up needed space. Pushing aside a curtain going in and out would get on my nerves.