Should I change my fireplace?

I was going to put tile on the fireplace but it looked boring and wanted to be different so I had my boyfriend do galvanized metal to give it more of a farmhouse industrial look. Does it look to shiny? Should I distress it?
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  • CK CK on Aug 13, 2016
    Cool idea! You could do some distressing but on the other hand, it's quite a unique look 'as is'. Whether or not you leave it 'shiny' sort of depends on what other things you have going on in the room. From what I can see, you don't have a lot of "vintage/shabby/industrial, etc" things going on so maybe it's great for now. I would suggest that you might want to add in a couple more elements of galvanized objects to tie the look together....just a thought ;-)

  • Bev Bev on Aug 13, 2016
    If you want a more country/shabby look, I would definitely get rid of the shine! Check out this site, you may like the look.

  • Icy10017880 Icy10017880 on Aug 13, 2016
    Looks great to me, Please fo something with the fire box

  • William William on Aug 13, 2016
    Looks great to me, also. I would take what is on the mantel with the picture and metallic distress that and use it as a fireplace screen. Hang a large clock above the fireplace.

  • Karen swift Karen swift on Aug 14, 2016
    i think its great as is .. its the ornaments picture for me they dont seem to go somehow ..or is it the hearth not sure but great job unique hun

  • Misty Misty on Aug 14, 2016
    I would just get rid of the shine. Love the look.

  • Icy10017880 Icy10017880 on Aug 14, 2016
    I would like to see a little stack of wood ready to light or an y thing so it doesn't look so lonesome. . a plant or a country scene. I"ve seen them in $$$mags. Love to see what you come up with

  • Icy10017880 Icy10017880 on Aug 14, 2016
    I think it would be cute with a barn & tractor to fill the space, toy s work great

  • Icy10017880 Icy10017880 on Aug 14, 2016
    we call fb sorry. How about a barn yard scene to go with your rooters Toys work great

  • J. Jacobs J. Jacobs on Aug 14, 2016
    I would paint it copper (maybe with a patina) to go with the hearth or age it somehow so that it appears worn and rusty. I love corrugated metal. This is a great location for it.

  • Olga Hixson Olga Hixson on Aug 20, 2016
    agree you need to get rid of the shine

  • Evie Evie on Aug 20, 2016
    Depending on how country you want to get, you could distress it to look somewhat rusty like an aging barn. I love old barns.

  • Sunny C Sunny C on Aug 24, 2016
    Charmaine; The metal will look like it has been on your fireplace for awhile if you distress it, to fit your style. I think that it would look better, if the metal were distressed to make it darker in places, and by adding a rust color that would help also. There are several things which can be used on metal, which would make a big difference to your lovely fireplace. Take Care :-)

  • Susan Franks Susan Franks on Aug 26, 2016
    You might want to play around with another piece of corrugated metal. Try scuffing it up using an old boot. If you could somehow get some of it rusty looking that would look great. You will have to sand it to get any stain or paint to adhere.