Asked on Oct 16, 2017

Whats behind my rock fireplace, & how do I remove it?

by Debbie
It's huge with quartz rock. I'm so afraid to tear it out, because I don't know what's behind the rock, & what to do after it's gone. The garage is on the other side. Ideas? Help!
It's flour to ceiling, with a bench.
This is the garage side.
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  • Betty Betty on Oct 17, 2017

    Ilove it why tear it down ???

  • 24629867 24629867 on Oct 17, 2017

    OMG Why would you tear it down!

  • Mary Mary on Oct 17, 2017

    I love it too. I also have a large stone fireplace and it adds so much character to the room. My home is rustic and it looks terrific every season of the year. I would never tear it out.

    If you tear it out, you'll have a plain, boring, blank wall.

  • Cathleen Cathleen on Oct 17, 2017

    I want to build one! Why would you tear it down?

  • Sarah Barganier Sarah Barganier on Oct 17, 2017

    If you really want to know what is behind the rock, try removing a rock or two from the most inconspicuous place. To do this you will need to remove the grouting around the rock[s]; that may be enough to see what is behind. My guess is that there is cinder block like the back of it.

  • Debbie Debbie on Oct 17, 2017

    I figured that as well, but will it be the same size as the outside, or bigger or smaller? I'm so afraid to start poking into it! Thanks

  • Debbie Debbie on Oct 17, 2017

    To all the lovers of the rock; My loving room is extremely small, it takes up almost an entire wall, which doesn't leave room for much. I would never leave it blank, but would like to to be smaller, with a more updated rock. Thank you all!

    • Rachael Rachael on Nov 23, 2020

      Hi Debbie- did you remove this?? We are in the same boat in a new home and the fireplace is TOO grand for a small living room - I completely agree with you tearing it down.

  • Tuf29415638 Tuf29415638 on Oct 17, 2017

    I want your mantle! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cindy Patrice Cindy Patrice on Oct 17, 2017

    It is beautiful but you could tear the rock out and make it more modern. I think the rock is just basically for looks. The important part is the fire box and chimney. I would check with an expert though before ripping and tearing. You wouldn't want to do something that could result in your house burning down...

  • Ter25775539 Ter25775539 on Oct 17, 2017

    Love it...I would be tempted to see if there was a wall that could be taken down to add a more open space

  • Linda Linda on Oct 17, 2017

    I also have one of these fireplaces complete with the vents above the stove and more vents down at floor level. I really, really wanted it gone, but just couldn't afford the cost. Mine was a little darker than yours but very similar and the wall is 13 ft long!!! My long-suffering husband painted the whole rock wall this year with white paint and I have to tell you, it has made a world of difference in the room. It is actually pleasant to look at now and the room looks bigger and brighter. It's not my first choice, but I can certainly live with it now. If you painted it a white color, I think it would look really good with the dark surface of the hearth. Look on pinterest for ideas for painting the rocks. Good luck.

  • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Oct 22, 2017

    I really like it too, but it wouldn't want it in my house, it's not my style at all. You might try the suggestion above, and paint it for now, just to change it up a bit. Think about it for a while, then try taking a rock out and looking, but it probably is just a blank wall more or less than same size as the jutting out bit in the garage. I woudln't start dismantaling it before you had an exact plan to finish it again, or you'll have a bigger mess than a fireplace you don't like!

    Whatever you do, post a pic and let us know, and good luck!

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Nov 30, 2021

    This mantle is gorgeous!! change surrounding of that mantle and dont touch it :)

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 02, 2024

    Look, If you are not sure what you are doing and would like some advice, call in the professionals for a price to do it for you. Quicker, Cleaner and probably cheaper in the long run. Otherwise advertise it as dismantle and take it away!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jan 02, 2024

    It is probably cinder-block behind it, from taking a look at the garage side.

    After looking at it multiple times, it does over-power the room, it commands attention and becomes a focal point. Making it smaller would be an option. I would get some pro's out there and get some unbiased opinions on what your options could be. Be sure they are free estimates.

    Maybe interior designers.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 02, 2024

    Hi Debbie, hope this helps you. It likes the faux stone, you can chip this off and will likely find a piece of plywood or OSB backing, you can then put any other finish on it that you love!,any%20space%20and%20architectural%20style.